Jan 17

I was never a regular reader of Jalopnik, so I can’t say thanks like others might be able to, but this is one of the best pieces I’ve ever read from any Gawker Media writer about what it was like to work at any of those exceptional sites when they were all exceptional. So, thanks for this, and congratulations because Read more

Oct 30 2019

Since doofuses Spanfeller and Maidment turned off comments on Deadspin, I came here to say I look forward to Game 7 of the 2019 World Series. Read more

Oct 30 2019

Hmm, it *looks like* commenters can reply yo other commenters, but can’t reply to the authors of any deadspin posts anymore.

Oct 29 2019

Years ago, an apartment neighbor hosting a party played “Abra(abra)cadabra” over 20 times in a row. why they played that dumb random song I’ll never know. But if I didn’t murder that person, it seems unlikely I will ever murder anyone.

Oct 28 2019

i wanted to turn this in to the Deadspin Lost & Found Department. Can I just leave it here? 

Oct 27 2019

Odds say you’re right, but remember, the Nats were very close to being dropped out of the 2nd wild card spot in mid-September, not to mention how close they came to not having the play-in game in DC. Then the Dodgers looked like they had that series totally in hand, until they didn’t. Again, the odds say you’re right. Read more

Oct 25 2019

Wouldn’t wish what? Being “devastated” by learning the truth? Having to fire Taubman? Or being one of the reporters who were taunted in the clubhouse by Taubman?

Oct 14 2019

Well, apparently now you’re going to have the “entire population” scorning you, too. Welcome to the club. It’s terrible in here.

Oct 14 2019

I know this will seem politically incorrect and I will face the wrath of the entire US population — which, Hi Population! — but as a matter of principle I have to say, Yuan Fang sounds like a dumb douchebag. Read more

Oct 11 2019

It will shock no one to know that Katie Harbath used to work for Giuliani and then for the Republican Party. It’s why FB hired her, to help justify monetizing the Trump campaign’s ads that wouldn’t be allowed in newspapers or on tv networks. Worse yet, the targeting of these dumb ads by Google, Twitter, and especially

Oct 11 2019

On the ESPN2 broadcast of game 5, they showed her mom in the stands, also a Belgian basketball legend, and then the announcer said, “We can confirm that that actually *is* Emma’s mother, and the nice woman we showed in the stands in Game 4 is not. But I understand she had 6 children so we’re sure she’s a legend, as Read more