7/19/20 11:00AM

Also like the subtle touch with social distancing. Teddy stands away until bob puts the bag on the counter then steps back as teddy grabs it. Nice little touch. 

7/18/20 5:57PM

Keep that shit bag a million miles away from the beautiful and pure Bob's Burgers.

3/12/20 5:17PM

Using a game to bypass internet censorship is ingenious. I don’t know if it’s novel or not, but color me impressed and inspired.  And also impressed and inspired by that build - that’s one gorgeous voxel building.

10/29/19 12:36PM

Can you let me know when you will be returning to sports coverage so I can go back to checking in once or twice per day? I have a lot to do today at work and all of these posts about non-sports topics are distracting because I Must Read Every Single One of Them. Whereas with the sports stuff I really only care if its Read more

3/05/19 2:51PM

Swing and a miss.  You said that deadspin passes off content as their own, but then state that a link to the source is included.  Contradict much?

2/19/19 2:41PM

My wife and I are having our first in a couple months. Anytime someone says anything close to “do you think you’re ready”, I tell them that we have a dog, so we have a pretty good idea of what we’re doing. Literally as I was typing this, my uncle just asked me if I was prepared to change diapers. Told him that we’re Read more

2/06/19 7:08PM

That’s like saying that shooting every bear has the chance of saving at least 1 life that could be lost.

12/18/18 11:22AM

I do wonder how many judges would say glitter and fart spray are “assault.” I’m sure some humorless Republican judge out there probably would.

3/14/18 12:56AM

I got a Community’s Magnitude notification for this?