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8:50 AM

It’s all well and good to talk about freedom, which absolutely gets sacrificed when you break the law (that’s why its okay for a judge to issue a warrant to search through a suspect’s things), but this isn’t a question of their freedom. This is a security issue. Encryption needs to be strong to ensure that your phone Read more

7:18 PM

Wow! We appreciate you showing up and setting us all straight.

Wow! We appreciate you showing up and setting us all straight.

9:01 AM

Per the Journal of Neurosurgery, it takes about 2300 newtons to crush a human skull. Less for other bones. Higher speed means higher forces. Higher forces mean more (and more serious) injuries. More injuries mean higher likelihood of death.  Speed does kill.  To test this:  Fall on the ground.  Then jump into the deep Read more

9:51 AM

In fairness, the same can be said about consoles (console gamer here), Apple products, etc. Convenience is something people see a value you in. 

11:47 PM

This is how advances in technology work. We aren't going to all stick with the same tech forevermore because that's what your car has. 

2:26 PM

I just wish people would realize that there’s literally no way to make everyone happy when it comes to films/shows, and for the most part cast/crews are doing the best they can.

7:34 PM

Studies have even been performed showing that spoilers don’t ruin an experience as much as people think they will. Read more

4:45 PM

Me personally, I will never relax on this. I have experienced movies with and without spoilers, and it’s pretty clear that without is more enjoyable for me. Regarding Henry is a great example. I saw it with zero knowledge about it, and it was great. Later I saw the trailer, and hell! It ruined everything that was Read more

3:01 PM

Reading comprehension died a long and slow death, but it took its last gasp on December 19th, 2019, 11:37am when Stiegosaurus misconstrued the meaning of “surprise” to mean “important highlights in the entire industry.” Reading comprehension is survived by its son, skimming the article, and grandchildren, tl;dr and Read more

3:08 PM

Kinja is such garbage you can’t even engage in conversation. You click on comments and your reply, it loads the article, then you have to click show comments, show more comments, show replies to all messages with replies, and show more comments, then load more comments, until you can scroll and see the blue line Read more