Andy Reid's Walrus Whiskers
11:19 AM

I’ve pivoted to only reading Deadspin on my work PC, where the videos are blocked but the blog posts come through perfectly clear. Helps me save data on my cell plan too.

7:41 AM

That’s not even all of it. The missed PI against Marvin and the unnecessary roughness against Walker when he was just trying to intercept the ball. I could live with those and the first missed hands to the face call. But missing the same call a second time resulting in the Lions never getting a chance to go win the Read more

1:42 AM

My tin-hat theory is that the NFL will not allow the Lions to win until they give back the Thanksgiving game so that the NFL can have it in a bigger market. 

11:32 AM

My dudes, you have killed Splinter, you laid off a bunch of cool journalists, I have even stuck with you through your auto-play video ads that kill my YouTube video playing in the background, but if you don’t stop these ads that auto-forward my ipad to some “install flash player now!” website with no back button so I Read more

4:24 PM

I do kind of empathize with Jamil here. Like her I’m working my way backwards through history and my “Willy Brandt’s handling of the Guillame scandal cemented his place as Germany’s worst ever Chancellor” tweet isn’t holding up as well as I’d hoped. 

2:32 PM

I actually believe Trump when he says he’s never had a drink or taken drugs. His brother died from alcoholism, after all.