Jun 25 2018

“Hi, I’m Debbie Ann from Macon, Georgia. I’m 36 years old and my precious angel Bryleigh just took home the crown for Lil Miss Chitlin Grand Supreme. BUT NOW IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE!”

Jun 2 2018

Hey kitty cats, what’s your drinks situation? I have vodka lemonade, zero cal of course, with cut up strawberries. I’ve been really enjoying dry rose, but the sugar in wine scares me, so temperance! Of sorts. Read more

May 12 2018

My MIL used to annoy the shit out of me doing exactly that! In a sing-song babytalk voice with an Appalachian accent. And she would show up with a literal trunkload of toys whenever she felt like it. If that’s all yours ever does, grit your teeth and count your blessings. My mom gives me parenting books from the 70s, Read more

May 5 2018

Winning Thread! I’ve got SO much extra cash from Dumps Tax cuts I’m just throwing it out the window, as my house is packed full! Trickle Down Y’all!

May 3 2018

but why is it in the style of Paris is Burning...there are other ways of presenting the ball scene...Ryan Murphy is so hacky

Apr 16 2018

Not only that, I’m willing to admit that Solange is the only one with any real sense of fashion in that family. Tina is like a parade of black and gold bad decisions from the set of Dynasty and Beyonce needs to stop taking notes from her.

Apr 9 2018

Am I the only person here that would definitely watch a documentary on the Tomato Troll?

Mar 30 2018

If for no other reason than “just as worse as” is incoherent and so they’re clearly in need of a steadying slap in the face. 

Mar 29 2018

Roseanna is big time into Israel, not that there is anything wrong with that. Just seems to me a lot of people who support trump have their one issue, like the abortion people or guns and look the other way on everything else he does.

Mar 29 2018

This is why this is why I absolutely refuse to watch her stupid show. I will not support this wack-a-doo Trump supporter. It’s also serious bullshit that she put some little Black girl in the show to act as a buffer against the obvious fact that Trump supporters are racist. She’s disgusting and she can go choke for Read more

Mar 29 2018

Anyone else find is sketchy that Roseanne has a black kid on the show - sort of like a human shield against charges of racism for being a Trump supporter? If a black adult were there, then race could be discussed. As it is, the kid’s a prop...

Mar 29 2018

Given that Trump owes his election to low-information voters, Barr’s ignorance on the substance of his actions is pretty appropriate!

Feb 14 2018

A few years ago when I was sick in bed I decided to watch Bristol Palin’s reality TV show.... just to see how she really was. Read more

Feb 5 2018

Timberlake has said this album is dedicated to his son, Silas, because Silas means “of the woods.” But in the title track which is, again, named after his son, Timberlake sings:

Jan 29 2018

Bruno Mars was the “safe” choice. The Grammys always play it safe. 24K Magic is a decent album but in no shape or form was it the best of the year (IMHO). Read more

Jan 28 2018

But it wasn’t a great group of nominees, it was all male dominated! Lorde was robbed for Best Album.