May 4 2018

Guaranteed this is being put on by the same kind of rich white people who made Thug Kitchen

Apr 19 2018

I can’t be the only one who was thinking the entire time that Bey and Tina are starting to look exactly the same?

Mar 29 2018

Please let this be a lesson for those who have to watch out of morbid curiosity or whatever. BitTorrent only. Trump supporters are beside themselves with excitement over this and demanding ABC “also bring back Tim Allen” now. This is going to help Trump get reelected.

Feb 5 2018

The universal consensus of Trump fans was that it was so nice to have a “non-political” and “family friendly” performance where “my kids didn’t have to leave the room and I didn’t have to explain why the women were dressed like street walkers.”

Dec 5 2017

Trump voters will have you know that this is just more evidence that white conservatives are the most persecuted group in America.

Nov 24 2017

Yes, because I live in Denver and there are amazing sales on weed every year

Nov 20 2017

Who the shit is that imposter in the Instagram photo of “Christina”?

Nov 19 2017

This was just like Milo Yiannopoulos claiming he can’t be racist because he fucks black men. Cringe inducing, Lena.

Nov 18 2017

There is so much gross shit in this post I don’t even know where to start

Nov 12 2017

Oh, I’ve heard of them, but this will be my reaction from now on whenever they come up.

Nov 9 2017

The good people of the Breitbart comment section will have you know this is just another desperate attempt from Soros and Killary to smear a good man, plus it was reported by Washington Compost - Democratic Shill Rag. Moore is going to sue Bezos for every penny he has and shut down the Post, according to them.

Nov 7 2017

Anyone who is not listening to Take Me Apart should be ashamed of themselves.

Nov 2 2017

I was in Kona once when a cruise ship had let out and it was about 160 degrees, I knew what Hell was...

Oct 30 2017

No exaggeration whatsoever of the reaction of his supporters all over the net