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Welcome Lawrence! Enjoyed reading your stuff over at Oppo looking forward to seeing what you can do over here Read more

But what’s its JalOPPO score...? Read more

Wasting money so they can say anyone talking of defunding the police is ripping bullet proof vest off officers chest. Read more

Golf R is the ultimate sleeper car. My buddies insurance company (State Farm) does not even know what it is. They just gave him the same rate as a regular Golf (Yes, they pulled the VIN up on the computer).  Read more

First: join the M3 forums and ask for a local to go look at it.  Those guys will know the cars better than any salesman and can tell you exactly what it is.  I have done this many times for MS3s and can give honest feedback that a dealer never will Read more

Why bother reviewing anything at all ever? Just read the manufacturer press release and make your decision based on that.

Look how many people in this comment section have questions about this bike. That alone should be your answer. Places like MCN and Cycle World are endemic media preaching to the motorcycle riding Read more

So, what I’m getting from this is, “It’s okay, because they were following orders.” Read more

At the time of his March 3 death, officials said, the 33-year-old appeared to be suffering from excited delirium, which often includes attempts at violence, unexpected strength and very high body temperature.
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What I think people are missing is, look how well autopilot was performing prior to plowing into the truck. This is a win - Elon. Read more

I love those old waffle wheels.  Read more

No, we will not have Mexico opening, we will close Mexico. I don’t think it’s coincidence that someone named Westbrook (sounds Spanish to me) is discussing Mexico. If Labrador Obra Din has a problem with that, he can feel the wrath of my tariffs and beautiful long words. It’s time Mexico started manufacturing Read more

Spring. if you look at the shape of the area of failure it is consistent with failure in a twisting motion (b) below

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Dodge Charger, the orange is the adhesive for the edge trim. Read more

But thats how my daddy ran the business I inherited so it must be the only way. Read more

It’s been brought to my attention, per Davey Johnson may he rest in peace, BMW cars are “Bimmers” while BMW bikes are “Beemers.” I have to admit I... I had never heard that. Hat tip Christian! Read more

Yet, they have somehow garnered an enormous amount of respect from the automotive community.
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Have you watched a Moto GP race lately? Elbows down is the new normal.
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I’d love to know what she takes to sleep that well! Read more