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But how can you beat this??? Jesus and America’s finest. Seen in GA 75S

Laguna Seca has one, because people who live near the track complained a lot about the noise. So now they have stations throughout the track that measure the dB from your car and if you exceed the track level, you get flagged and probably the track/organizer gets fined at some point if it occurs too much.  Read more

If you’re using Premiere, in the export media window under the effects tab, there’s an option for Loudness Normalization. Make a preset with that enabled and never worry about blowing speakers out again!
(source: me. Commercial editor for 6 years) Read more

It is! I though I recognized him and his Delta. I edited some videos for him a while back when he drove 4 of his Lancia’s to Amelia Island for the Concours there, his garage in Jacksonville is amazing! Read more

Got my ticket too! West side as well. Read more

Nope. It works for anyone on kinja. I’ve blocked a few people on the FP and Oppo Read more

Download kinjablocker. It’s a free addon for most browsers . Read more

Just spent the same on my ‘12 monster 796 with a non-existant service history. Sometimes it’s worth it to have a shop do the work! But next time I’ll DIY. Read more

Never forget 2014 snowmageddon...

Kinja blocker works wonders. just sayin. Read more

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You’re right; the M4 GTS time starts there too! I always thought they started at the first bridge. I guess during tourist days people do the BTG timing (like me...)

That looks like an odd place to start the timer.. Not the usual start location for lap times; usually that’s the BTG start right? Read more

Interesting; I figured due to the issues diesel faces being cold/altitude limitations, it wouldn’t be that popular. Read more

John’s a great guy. Met him back in Jacksonville for his documentary that I cut. Super humble and very passionate about every one of his cars. Read more

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I know those Lancias!!! I edited this for the owner, John Campion back when I lived in Jacksonville, FL:

Got kinja’d in my earlier post. Seen this a lot in their work on YouTube. Kinda sad to see, as a post professional myself.

You were probably tired off seeing these randomly too. Read more

Oh wow. ok! seems pretty good then! I’ll have to check with my bmw dealer Read more