EA was in charge of budget allocation for advertising. There was none.

I barely knew this game existed. What little that popped up was blink-and-you-miss-it clips here and there. Dead Space Remake got live streams with the devs et. al, asked for fan feedback, and was released this year. Not meeting sales goals Read more

I know people love to hate on EA, but they had nothing to do with this. Ascendant Studios is independent. EA was their publishing, but isn’t their owner. Read more

They hardly did any advertising for the game, I didn’t know it existed until shortly before it released. The marketing gave the impression like they didn’t care that much about it.
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I still think of this artwork, mistake or not. I had the manual before I had the game, so for a while there the only thing I COULD do was look at the art. Read more

Yeah if anything this puts me off wanting to play the game. Bethesda hasn’t made a good main quest in all the time I have been playing their games (started on TES Oblivion). In fact, despite putting well over 200 hours each in Oblivion, Skyrim, FO3, and FO4, I’ve only actually finished the main quest for FO3 and that Read more

Yes, he's trying to make it sound like it has impressive longevity when really what he's saying is that a huge chunk of their game is going to be a waste of time Read more

If a game doesn’t really get going until around 50 hours once the main quest is done, then shouldn’t the main quest be better? Read more

I’m impressed that we (the UK) managed to to get them to change the deal. Europe said yes because they want to encourage growth in the sector. UK got criticised for not being open to business for saying no. US tried to block outright and now allowed it as written if I understand their stance correctly. We got them to Read more

Its a weird one since ubi plus is part of ps pluses benefits  Read more

The UK’s CMA will almost certainly approve it. This directly addresses the reason they denied the merger before, and I think it would be hard for them to argue it doesn’t.  If they come up with some other reason to block the merger then they’d be backtracking on their previous ruling. Read more

I think it means that any games outside that 15 years do not automatically fall under this deal. Everything else however is theirs forever. Read more

two different statements. They get all the games in releasing in the next 15 years, and the rights to those games dont expire after the 15 year mark.  Read more

Konami appears to be trying to make a comeback, what with multiple new Silent Hill games in the works. Given that MGS is their biggest IP, you’d figure that they’d put some effort into these “HD” releases. They’re completely remaking MGS3, after all, so clearly they realize that there’s still strong interest in the Read more

I’ve got to say - maybe it’s just me, but I don’t expect *anything* to run at 60 fps on the Switch.  Read more

I don’t think the Konami hate is warranted as much anymore. They’re pushing a lot into the videogame space again. Their collections for Contra, Castlevania and Castlevania Advance are pretty outstanding. And the revitalization of the Silent Hill brand (finally) is a great step forward. This MGS collection could be Read more

They explicitly said that these were ports of the HD collection versions, so I don’t know why anyone would expect them to be anything else.  Read more

Surprise, surprise... The collection that doesn’t say it will upscale or modify the games in any way isn’t upscaling or modifying the games! Read more

This is basically all the Conservative platform is at this point. Well...I should clarify it’s *always* been this, they're just not even pretending anymore. Read more

So they’re admitting Florida = a burning building? Finally something we agree on Read more

To be fair, Florida is a burning building, these dumb fucks just don’t realize they're the ones who lit and are pouring gas on the fire Read more