Oct 1 2019

Holy crap, David’s coming to town! While the plants are gone (and their plots of land still empty), it’s still a hella fun city. If you’re a drinking man I know of a brilliant bar that has some of the best (and most intoxicating if you’re a lightweight like me) long islands you’ll ever drink. :)

Jan 2 2019

Mine is to finally get my 88 Corvette in good enough shape so that I can drive in around town without having fear of damaging it further. That includes: Read more

Dec 6 2018

Mold and mildew cleaner is $5 for a bottle. Buy a roll of paper towels and get to scrubbing. Toss in a few moth balls and let it sit for a week and the mold will be gone. Mold is easy to get rid of, I’ve had to do it twice. Read more

Dec 3 2018

“It had a horrible engine

What was wrong with the 3400? Those lasted forever and had really good torque off the line. Maybe not so great for track days, but excellent for daily driving duties.

Nov 6 2018

I think Lincoln should stick with the “-ator” name theme. Keep the Navigator and Aviator for these SUVs, and add the following cars to the lineup, to debut in (say) the 2023 model year: Read more

Nov 6 2018

Do you know how long it would take to even go across town if it would only tell you to turn “all right all right all right” when all you should be doing is a single Left??!!

Aug 16 2018

The guy answered his own question. The Honda Element is the best option. The seats fold to the side for a HUGE space that can swallow a dishwasher.  The gas mileage is decent and the mechanicals are still simple so maintenance costs should not be crazy. Read more

Aug 15 2018

What does the post office do when you bring them mail?

They send it.