54 min ago

Reminds me of an incident involving Rush Limbaugh where he was caught with a huge bag of unprescribed Viagra while returning from a trip to the Domincian Republic, where underage prostitution is a thriving business.

1:29 PM

The families of the deceased should sue the shit out of TMZ first and others who reported on this before families were notified. It's a shame that the some media have no decency. 

1:21 PM

For some unfathomable reason, the MOA Rainforest Cafe was a “cool” place to eat before dances when I was in high school, so I’ve been there (well, to the old first-floor location) a few times. It is indeed fine! It feels like the most MOA of the MOA restaurants, which I basically mean as a compliment. Read more

1:14 PM

OH! I had forgotten that Planet Hollywood was a thing, and it reminded me of the brief existence of the supermodel-themed restaurant chain, Fashion Cafe! I actually ate at one - for some reason, as part of their marketing strategy, they sent a pretty substantial gift card to the college radio station where I was a dj, Read more

12:59 PM

Some of the HobbyTown stores now have “Radio Shack Express” sections that sell components for electronics projects.

11:49 AM

The toddlers and kids up to age 7 or so seemed to be a little scared and trying to hide it, while the babies were just wide-eyed and confused.

11:42 AM

My niece loved that place when she was wee. She even liked the storms.

10:51 AM

I was dragged in there for a nephew’s birthday party about 20 years ago. He had a hell of a time choosing between Rainforest and Planet Hollywood. It was fine, and back then for this area “fine” was a pretty high grade. I don’t understand how the hell it stays in business now - even Crave is better than they are, and Read more

9:34 AM

That still makes me sad.  I never did any cool projects as a kid, but as an adult, I started actually using Radio shack for components for geeky projects, just before they all went away.  

9:31 AM

I wholly believe that there is a Radio Shack still operating in a forgotten place, totally unaware that all other Radio Shacks closed down.

9:17 AM

Holy hell. Welp, there’s my “Radio Shack STILL EXISTS!?*”-esque moment of the day.

*uttered back when they did, in fact, still exist