4:03 PM

Yeah the language is weird. In my neck of the woods (outside US) we have legislation that refers to “touching of a sexual nature” and it’s specified that this excludes “touching of a clinical nature appropriate to the service provided”. It’s specific to health professionals but the point is the language can be less Read more

1:13 PM

Seriously. I was just making a poop about how women can’t even sleep without being groped on the Survivor thread and now I find out we can’t even be DEAD without these fuckers still trying to grope us.

1:09 PM

I would guess maybe a specialized detective if they’re trying to recreate the scene, like let’s say there are bruise marks on the person’s breasts, and officer might put his or her hand there to see if they line up with common hand placement? 

12:56 PM

Right? Military and DOD civilians all get annual training on not doing this shit. The training is actually (Maybe surprisingly) quite good. This guy knew what he was doing want ok, he just didn’t care. 

12:43 PM

So every future potential employer or date who googles him will find this story. Seems like a fitting punishment since I doubt he'll get much prison time, unfortunately 

12:37 PM

Maybe the person “with authority” would be someone like a coroner or medical examiner? I dunno, that’s weird phrasing.

12:31 PM

Those body cameras need to be modified so that if they’re ever turned off, the officer’s supervisors immediately get an alert. Why they should be allowed to be turned off by the officers wearing them is also completely beyond me.

12:18 PM

“I am surprised and dismayed by the conclusions contained in the report; specifically, that I sexually harassed and inappropriately touched the three employees and others,” he wrote.
Read more

12:07 PM

And if you wondered if Guy Roberts was a big, fat, whiteassed old guy Republican who came out of the Roger Ailes mold for these creepy pervy shitbags:

11:16 AM

The investigators took his comments under advisement, but wrote that his response “did not change our report and [they] stand by our conclusions.” Read more

9:38 AM

Today in a latest string of powerful men saying "Sorry, I got caught..."

9:32 AM

The birth records in Riverdale are truly below book keeping standards.

7:01 AM

I wish we got more than 30 seconds of Zoe de Grand’Maison sometime.

4:55 AM

Penelope: Don’t be shy children, I’m sure there’s nothing you’re doing here that I haven’t seen.

7:13 PM

When True Blood was airing I loved it, and but loved the AV Club re-caps even more. Eventually, for whatever reason I stopped watching the show but still read the re-caps and not knowing what nonsense they were talking about made them 1000% better. Read more