1:06 PM

Seriously. She had real comedic and dramatic chops but was always The Sexy Chick, and why compete against the latest crop of exploited seventeen year old Disney stars while fending off the predators who assume she’s desperate?

2:58 AM

I honestly was relieved this was about beer cans and not some campaign encouraging people to try to get up close and personal with real reindeer. They’re going to as kicky and gouge-y as any other large ruminant.

1:08 AM

I honestly wonder if there is something this wad of slime mold leavings could say/tweet that is so fucking dumb and false that even Lindsey and Mitch can’t get behind it. Not that they believe anything he says but their willingness to keep taking it without even a reach around is astounding.

12:55 AM

I did read that the groundswell of first time young voters, who just missed being old enough to vote on Brexit, may turn it around for Labor. Also that Boris announced that successful Brexit would lead to a “baby boom.” He’s eroding a la Dump quite nicely.

12:50 AM

Well, you gotta admit Pete was honest with the kids. “No, I’m not going to be doing those things.” At least they don’t have to waste more time on him.

12:46 AM

Scruggs, who died in 2001, did not sleep with someone to get the story, so the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is demanding the movie release a clear statement exonerating Scruggs. Read more