son of a motherless goat (PSA: wash your hooves)
Jun 25

So, you’re going to dedicate a parking spot that someone can sit at for 2 hours at a time and during that time nobody else can charge their car there? It seems like a silly idea to me. Instead they ought to incentivize shopping centers which already have huge amounts of parking to add EV charge stations. My local as Read more

Jun 25

Seems to me that a trailer would be the most sensible addition, if his business grows he won’t be able to put everything in the bed of a truck. Fix the old truck as cheaply as you can, get a trailer so you can carry multiple mowers, make more money quickly, and then spend a little more on a used pickup.  

Jun 25

literally any truck you like, and a cargo trailer. Putting a mower in the bed of a pickup truck is a drag.

Jun 24

I blame the affiliation with Bass Pro Shops for teaching crews how to tie no-slip knots, which are common for attaching fishing lures

Jun 24

Is there a picture of the noose anywhere? Sounds to me it wasn’t really a noose but instead just a loop in the rope for easier gripping.  But I can only go by what little I’ve read about it.

Jun 24

I think it’s funny when a random commentator has a better grasp on Ford history and smarter ideas than Ford’s entire marketing team. Read more

Jun 24

No mention of NASCAR and Noosegate? After it came yesterday it was all a hoax, a disgusting publicity stunt to use racial tensions to increase ratings? After all the stories here pushing it just days ago? I think this illustrates the real purpose of identity politics fairly well. Its not about racism, never was. Its Read more

Jun 23

Here here. Until someone shows me the data that the total number of pedestrian strikes has not risen significantly, I’m not going to be convinced that distracted driving isn’t the bigger reason for the 53% increase in deaths (although still not the only reason). Read more

Jun 23

How about distractions in general? Touchscreens in cars are not good. You HAVE to take your eyes off the road to use them. BUTTONS ARE YOUR FRIENDS AUTOMAKERS! Buttons save lives!

Jun 23

It’s kind of like a Rorschach Test. If you see an object as having a certain message, then that’s the message you’re going to see. If you see it as harmless, then it’s harmless. Could it be just a door pull? Yes, considering that’s what it was. One that was on the door since last year. And no one brought that up until Read more

Jun 22

WFH is awesome for many jobs, yet, it will eventually turn the extroverts among us into raving unshowered lunatics who get overly excited when the FedEx guy shows up. with a new phone charger. Read more

Jun 20

Which is why some will opt for a less “off-roady” version that is a little more daily-usable but is still pretty good on the handful of trails one might take it. Read more

Jun 20

But that is probably true about 96% of all offroad vehicles anyway.