3ft high flame
May 30 2019

Looking at that makes me tired.  I’m not into CrossFit sex.  Ruins my palms for masturbation. 

Mar 15 2019

Gail does not play. Gail is not going to side with the fans who use veiled racist language. 

Aug 29 2018

Jeff sessions: Down for the racism. Getting busted for treason, not so much.

Aug 29 2018

I did not know this. Imma google it. If it’s true, he can move into my personal “working on it” forgiveness file. Read more

Jun 18 2018

I have long been diagnosed with a serious mental health issue and pass for vaguely white most of the time. The treatment of mentally ill people is horrific. I’ve been treated poorly. But in my 25 years dealing with healthcare providers, I know I have not been treated nearly as poorly other people of color. I have seen Read more

May 3 2018

Psssst.... I’ve got bad news. My aging DDs are happier and out of my way in bras. I miss my I hate bras days. But, they are GONE

Apr 13 2018

I’m going to worry about mischaracterized white women after the next presidential election. If they do better, I’ll revisit my opinion.