3ft high flame
Apr 9 2019

Translation: “Hi, I’m a dude and since the same levels of societal expectations on appearance that fall upon women don’t fall upon me, I don’t care and think it’s dumb to talk about.” Read more

Mar 15 2019

I think it’s less the “on your knees” and more “like you used to”. Being on your knees signifies subservience and used to is.. well, that’s what really makes it racist. Read more

Mar 12 2019

One of the only good parts of Suicide Squad was Deadshot’s demands for his daughter. Paraphrasing: Read more

Mar 12 2019

The funny thing is, if a black person works their ass off to get into a school, racists will yell about affirmative action. MEANWHILE.........

Mar 11 2019

All of this is exactly correct (and much more organized and well-articulated than I have been able to manage thus far in discussing it with friends). So weird that the only person on the show who seems to recognize they’re all focusing on the wrong thing is Camille. Wish she had spoken up with that opinion instead of Read more

Jan 15 2019

I enjoy every Australian/New Zealand player in the league they are all assholes, it’s so great

Jan 15 2019

The best part is that no one can really do anything about it because Ingles would probably just beat the shit out of them with his no-rules Aussie kung-fu.

Sep 13 2018

It just makes me want to stand up and go to church, shouting amen.

Sep 12 2018

I hate to destroy your last shreds of hope, but Ray Dons are equal opportunity harassers. They do not have an age limit. My mother is 67. She still encounters them.

Sep 12 2018

That is tied with the Ray Don rant as my all time faves

Sep 7 2018

White woman on my job wanted to touch my hair.
She said, “It looks so soft.”
I said, “Can I rub on your pregnant belly?”
“See? Same thing.”

Aug 30 2018

Yes, the way she seemed to be rushing from house to house, not giving anyone time to answer before moving on made me think this was someone being pursued by a serial killer. She’s fine, he’s dead, sounds so much better that what I thought we’d hear next.