May 23

I made the switch to natural deodorant while quarantining because, after researching it, I learned that you absolutely STINK for 2-3 weeks after starting. Your body needs to “detox”, or whatever. Read more

May 15

“But he’s also having a lot of confidence issues with not being allowed to work. Begging my spouse to be turned on by me is the biggest boner killer and marriage ruiner in the world so I’ll take my once a week marriage sex and keep getting the rest of my fix somewhere else.” Read more

Mar 20

His team has also figured out the incredibly difficult idea of “having a video conference”.

Mar 6

“In case you missed it, coronavirus canceled Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s wedding. [Page Six]” Read more

Mar 2

I liked his bit about Ariana and his “big dick” too.

Feb 25

My friend did the hair for this shoot and told me about it. That’s the exact right answer. 2:30am was the call time. Read more

Feb 19

There’s a lot of people for whom fast food is not a treat or a drunken luxury. These people are lower income and / or live in food deserts. Fast food chains are often among the only places that sell prepared food in these areas. There’s a lot of people who will eat healthier, by default, if fast food writ large makes Read more

Feb 11

You’ll notice, too, that the people who complain that Bernie Sanders “isn’t even a Democrat” are making no noise over the fact that Bloomberg LITERALLY SPOKE AT THE RNC.

Jan 21

Where in all this self-righteousness and hysteria does she take responsibility to losing to (the other) most unpopular candidate in history? Or her husband’s relationship with Epstein? Read more

Jan 20

That’s New York Times liberalism in a nutshell, though, isn’t it? Functionally useless.

Jan 15

No, he’s the fucking best. He’s so sweet and sincere, and his bromance with “Shoobie” is inspiring. Our household is torn between wanting him, Shubham, or Sammie to win.

Jan 13

Also, wasn’t the script like one volunteer’s idea, and it was squashed pretty immediately?

Dec 10

Wow Kris Jenner is a psycho

Nov 13

Yeah, expecting West Wing-obsessed centrists to get this done any sooner was always going to be futile. Read more

Oct 15

This season is incredible so far.

Oct 10

Warren voted FOR SESTA/FOSTA, right?

Aug 7 2019

Nearly every public / municipal ISP in the US has been a success. Nearly every one is also getting sued / lobbied against by telecom providers. Read more

Jul 23 2019

Marianne still more politically qualified than Sam Bee, though.