Aug 10

The complaints are that he matched with people on dating apps. He DMd people (not explicitly stated to be sexual). And he had sex with people at his institution (which is only an issue at his institution if he has power over them). Read more

Jun 30

Fun fact about the paragraph on police brutality: change “McGrath” to “Klobuchar,” and there’s literally no other difference. Read more

Jun 29

popular movies and TV shows that celebrated unbridled masculinity, from dramas like Office Space Read more

Jun 27

But also he was the creator of The IT Crowd which I’m pretty sure was mildly popular (or at least better known) in the US? Bit weird to only mention the show he did in the 90s when he’s also had successful shows since.

Jun 9

that Ben and jerrys have published a statement on george floyds death that is more passionate and damning of the current status quo than most democratic politicians is certainly a point in their favour, its also a big mar against those deomcrats in office who havent managed to match its fury.

Jun 7

it’s also important to remember that harry potter was never good

May 15

Yeah I’m not sure how “husband having confidence issues” could possibly mesh well with “mindblowing sex with a coworker that he knows about”. Also sounds relatively overblown, with orgasms in the “20s”. This just reads like a baitey, 4chan level post to attract the anti-cuck police. Not saying that its fake, just that Read more

May 15

Who the hell thought this series was a good idea?

May 15

I know this is the kind of story that the person telling thinks is a-ok as everyone else looks on with horror. Hey, good for her to be able to get off, but maybe, just maybe, try to be their for the person they married. Might mean they don’t get to fuck coworkers as often, but it would indicate she actually cares Read more

May 15

begging someone to be turned on by you is THE most selfish thing. i divorced my spouse for this bullshit. 

May 15

So after publishing this totally gross and annoying article, I think you've waived your right to discuss anything Covid 19 related ever again. Congrats on being part if the problem.

May 15

This makes me actually sick to my stomach. I just had to attend and speak at a memorial for my 20-year old student who died of Covid-19 and I hope you ALL feel complete shame for choosing your own needs over the health of others.

May 15

I’m quarantining apart from my boyfriend. He lives 3 blocks away and we haven’t broken quarantine. Read more

May 15

Yeah, I can’t imagine knowing his wife is out having “mindblowing” sex with some other guy is doing him any favors, either. Maybe it’s just the way she explained it but she comes across really selfish and unsupportive. She seems more concerned with the other guy’s roommate than her husband.

May 15

Thanks, y’all.  My uncle is dead because other people decided to be selfish and greedy.  You are the reasons we will have at least some lockdown measures for the rest of the year.  Everyone who ignores the rules extends the rules.  Go to hell.

May 15

Don’t glorify or give these shitheads attention. Some of us are trying to not die.

May 15

And I needed for someone to touch my body after having not even have received so much as a hug for over 6 weeks.... Most of my friends were quarantined with partners; they receive touch every single day and have a shoulder to cry on. I was happy for them, and also felt resentful for any judgment that could have come Read more

Apr 30

Not gonna lie, Jezebel advice columns are always a hilarious shitshow of horrible advice, so I’m really looking forward to having something to mindlessly eat popcorn to.

Apr 27

“I do not discount Christine Blasey Ford’s story, but the timing is interesting. Brett Kavanaugh has been in the public eye for decades. Now that he’s about to be a Supreme Court Judge, this is coming out. Hmmm”