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Aug 16

Which is exactly why articles about the facts surrounding his death need to be written carefully. Certainly seeing two and two and getting four is reasonable. My problem is I think too many articles are jumping straight to two and two (like saying the broken hyoid is indicative of manual choking) without providing the Read more

Aug 16

He wasn’t on suicide watch, though. He was taken off of it. And, in fact, having been on suicide watch can actually increase the ideation, which is why suicide watch doesn’t tend to be a long-term thing. There are also multiple kind of different suicide watches. And there are many accounts that MCC is not an easy Read more

Aug 16

I know a lot of people are saying how many things don’t add up in this situation and there’s so much implication that this was nefarious. And I wouldn’t necessarily be shocked to find out that in fact there was something more to this. Read more

Aug 6

All I can think as I look at this is “is this love?” I mean, sure, big gestures can be nice. And there’s nothing that says big gestures mean that the little parts of being in a relationship are being neglected. But, for the Kardashians, it seems that if it isn’t filmed/photographed, it isn’t real. And that has to be a Read more

Jul 28

The so-called “Magic Bus,” an abandoned Fairbanks City Transit bus parked along the Stampede Trail near Denali National Park in Healy, Alaska, is where hitchhiker Christopher McCandless famously used as shelter for four months, before his body was found dead of starvation. Read more

Jul 22

He looks like he’s trying to do that thing where you just out your chin to try to get rid of the double chin. It is the weirdest-looking thing if not done correctly.

Jul 19

Totally agreed. Andy Cohen is a misogynistic human garbage fire and the fact that Anderson Cooper didn’t stand by his supposed friend but still likes to chill with Andy Cohen is a black mark on Cooper, as far as I’m concerned.

Jul 1 2019

So “babysitting income” is unlikely to rise to the level of actually having to pay taxes on it, at least at the federal level. There is an income threshold before you have to even file for federal income taxes. Generally it’s about 12K (the amount of the standard deduction). I can’t speak to each individual state. Now, Read more

Jun 27 2019

Elizabeth Warren is still my one of my two current top choices but I thought Julian Castro acquitted himself extremely well. I really liked a lot of what he had to say. Screw Beto running for Senate in Texas, I want to see Castro in that fight.

Apr 30 2019

Between the plagiarism issues, issues with women, and complete inability to run a campaign without a dozen gaffes, I don’t really see what Biden brings to the table. It seems like his big draw is that people miss Obama. I can only speak for myself, but that’s not enough. Not when a lot of other exciting candidates are Read more