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Is it not better to let Owen Wilson choose to sign papers not being in the life of a baby (while still financially supporting her) that he didn’t want, and give the mother a chance to create a story and life for that child where she won’t miss him? Read more

I’ll never forget back in 2008 getting into an argument with a dude who believed he caught liberals in a deep gotcha moment over Sarah Palin. His argument was essentially: Read more

This probably makes me sound like a horrible feminist, but I really don’t give a flying fart that you had kids and also worked, considering you have enough money to pay for good childcare and health insurance without having to worry about paying your rent.  I’m sick of her throwing “being a mom” out there like it’s a Read more

I’m certainly not a youth, but I’m also not particularly keen on Joe Biden. He doesn’t seem to be able to think on his feet, for starters. Read more

A great point and I agree as well on the Bernie and Joe points. But hell, even with that agreement, I think we can all also agree that there is a HUGE cavern between the average person’s facilities at 77 and then at 87. Just like the difference between 67 and 77 is probably significant, I’d argue that 77 to 87 is a Read more

Honestly, I’m not sure it is ageist. I’m uncomfortable with Bernie and Joe running for president for the same reason. It’s a stressful, demanding, 24/7 job on which millions of people rely. The stakes are smaller, admittedly, for a county sheriff, but the concept applies. We’ve taken peaceful transitions of power for Read more

Get out of here with your logic and sense. Dude was MURDERED, and there is no convincing me otherwise. It runs too deep. All of these supposed “doctors” are just in on the cover up.
Read more

Agreed. This was some really irresponsible reporting—and the copyeditor wrote that hed just to generate clicks. Which is not cool at a legacy news organization.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something strange here—and by that I mean that I’d believe Epstein paid the guards to be less attentive than they were Read more

Agreed. Not trying to nit-pick his words, but using “females” instead of “women” always rubs me wrong. Read more

I’m sorry for any victim of sexual abuse, and Kloss has my sympathies. This is a credible story of abuse. His rhetoric skews a little MRA-lite though and that’s troubling—I wish he were using his story to encourage more male victims of sexual abuse to come forward instead of saying “Look! Males aren’t the problem!” Read more

Just stress-eat first and then get so worried you have stress-nausea. Problem solved. Read more

Nah, I can’t leave this alone — as someone who’s also bi and married to a straight man (but has never come out, except to my spouse), I can tell you that it’s not the fear of my Mormon relatives’ response that keeps me in the closet. They’re bigots and I know it and it is what it is. It’s people like you, who are Read more

If I were the Denali park rangers or even lived in Alaska I’d be demanding this deathtrap be hauled out of there. This woman is not the first person who’s died trying to reach it, and the state of Alaska has to shell out for all the search and rescue efforts.  Read more

On a purely strategic level I have to agree that planned parenthood shouldn’t be wasting time trying to distance themselves from the fact that they provide safe, legal abortions. Read more

1) Well, first off, because it’s in the Constitution—Article 1, Section 2. An “actual enumeration” is required every ten years, for the stated purpose of apportioning Representatives. It’s literally as bedrock a law as exists. There’s also rather a lot of federal law attached to it by now—which is specifically Read more

I hate the word ‘girlboss’ so much, it sounds so damn patronizing. It sounds like something an old man would say while patting you on the head “Aren’t you a cute little girlboss”. Boss is not a gendered word, it’s not necessary to add ‘girl’ to it.   Read more

Since most Jezzies aren’t going to be familiar with how strip club sales and economics work within the US and this piece doesn’t do a particularly good job explaining it, I’m going to try to clarify a few things. Read more