Jan 28 2016

I’ve been playing that game off and on for 25 years. Reached Shredder once. ONCE. He one-shot killed a turtle, and I didn’t have enough life to make it back. Read more

Sep 17 2015

Someone once complained that M’Soft instituting an cash-for-in-game credits in Forza 5 was a “Paywall”. You could still buy all the cars with credits you earned in game, so no, that wasn’t a paywall.

This is a paywall. I’m glad that I said: “Fuck this game.” many months ago.

Jul 30 2015

But would living forever be worth not having videogames?

Jul 9 2015

Invisible mode is my favourite. “No, I don’t want to play Destiny right now, I want to play Arkham Knight in peace.”

Jul 7 2015

Oh look. Another way to artificially create content for an empty game.

May 21 2015

How the fuck did this kid do all this terrible stuff without a face? Seems like it would make the phone calls difficult.

May 20 2015

So he had a terrible taste in videogames. Honestly the more you hear about this guy.