8/09/15 11:40AM

In my experience, when someone has to tell you how smart they are, they usually are not that smart.

7/13/15 11:24PM

Shit on the toilet seat always baffled me. What the fuck is up with that? Bad aim? Ran out of time? Pretensile asshole? Forgot how to sit down?

6/19/15 11:01PM

What? It’s almost as if you don’t realize an erection is the ultimate magic scepter of approval. It’s like a barometer for female worth, but with veins and sometimes a faint hint of camembert. I mean, obviously.

4/14/15 7:30PM

This is why I can’t get on board with any organization that requires me to leave my free will and ability for critical thought at the door, and let some hierarchical power structure do all my think-work for me.

4/04/15 4:12PM

So you agree with the position that the people who would try to stop yoga in public schools on religious grounds are wrong but you thought, fuck it, let's defend blind faith instead? Read more

3/13/15 4:03PM

Whatever, there was no marriage until the Christian God (THE ONLY GOD) was like, "Let there be light and also marriage. But not for the gays because that's icky." Also that happened 6000 years ago and paleontologists are just a bunch of dirty liars. Fact.

3/11/15 3:30AM

Drawing the liner on way outside her real lip line doesn't account for the shadows cast by the light source and the three-dimensionality of her new lips. And if it was just lip liner, the space between the top of her upper lip and the bottom of her nose would appear smaller than it used to, because her lip liner would Read more

3/07/15 5:22PM

I also have a chronic illness, and this article enraged me. No, I would not be cool with a partner deciding to cheat on me months after I got ill, me finding out, then me being given an ultimatum that either I go along with the cheating or get dumped. This is just such a sucky corner this woman has backed her husband Read more

3/02/15 4:42PM

Seriously, on basically any standard they want to apply, another country is doing it better. Often, lots of countries are doing it lots better. We're not exceptional. The US is like the kid that had rich parents and then swears they're successful just because they worked really hard.

2/26/15 7:43PM

Academic vocabulary please! In Science we speak Science!

2/19/15 7:47PM

So... we shouldn't teach history, just nationalist propaganda. We shouldn't teach literature, except maybe some Ayn Rand. We shouldn't teach science unless we act like theology counts as science. And we definitely shouldn't be teaching critical thinking skills. But we must teach our kids math so we can outshine those Read more

2/19/15 6:54PM

We are so behind so many countries in math and science. They are not even getting the basic education because they are getting taught that evolution doesn't exist and that the earth is 6,000 years old. Read more

2/19/15 6:47PM

True. It's also amusing because this fundamental reliance on teaching the modern corruption of American exceptionalism at all costs belies this underlying shame about our country's often checkered past. The only real reason you wouldn't want to teach our real history is if you were ashamed of it. Because, really, it's Read more

2/19/15 6:43PM

You don't get to bitch about students falling behind in math and science while supporting 'teach the controversy' bullshit or out right removal of evolution from the curriculum.

2/19/15 1:50PM

Clearly everyone's just supposed to 'know' and not knowing means you're a filthy common pleb who could only dream of being worthy enough one day to vacuum the red carpet prior to it going back in to storage for the season. Read more