Ginger, get the popcorn!
12/18/17 4:30PM

Women aren’t even allowed to create openly fictional narratives without people coming in and saying “I really think you were unfair to this imaginary dude you made up.” Read more

11/04/17 7:42PM

I recently asked my mother about this, because she didn’t change her name when she married my dad but my brother and I have his last name. She told me (which I’d never known!) that she negotiated a trade with my dad! He got to give us his last name if she got to pick our first and middle names. Read more

6/28/17 8:44PM

Joe Budden is such a pill. I know it’s hard to see an art form you love going in a direction you don’t care for, but seriously every time I see Joe Budden he’s shitting on someone else. From his bizarro gaslighting of Tahiry on LHHNY to hating on Lil Yachty’s album art (for being too inclusive?), I just feel like he’s Read more

3/16/17 12:33PM

It’s possible there was some overlap, but Sandy and Jesse separated in March 2010, and Kat Von D and Jesse weren’t publicly linked until August 2010. So like, who knows? (and also—Kat, girl, why?!) But I think you could very reasonably try her lippy. She makes some nice vegan/cruelty-free products!

3/14/17 6:56PM

Didn’t he also have a spectacularly large cheating scandal with Kat Von D, his girlfriend post-Bullock? Like, yes, cheating does happen sometimes and both men and women do it. But if you are serially cheating on the women in your life, and putting more effort into building lavish killing machines (which, who knew Read more

1/23/17 2:29PM

Hey Joanna—just FYI, it’s actually the 1973 Helms amendment that already prohibits US foreign assistance funds from being used to promote or perform abortion as a method of family planning. Helms is always in place—the Mexico City Policy/Global Gag Rule dictates what foreign NGOs can do with their own money (from non-U Read more

1/10/17 4:33PM

I mean, I’m a white lady going to the march, so I hear you on that. But I gotta say, (in my personal experience), it was way more than a handful of the white ladies freaking out in my state’s local organizing group’s FB page. That is, of course, not a complete sample of white ladies, and who really knows how many Read more

1/10/17 4:23PM

I’m curious (genuinely, no snark) why you think it’s misplaced here. A number of WOC asked that white women at this march do more listening than talking (and asked organizers to lift up/center WOC in this discussion), and white women who were thinking about attending freaked the fuck out and said they felt Read more

1/10/17 3:55PM

I’m happy to have had, I think, a pleasant conversation about this with you! Too often we go straight for snark, and all of us have benefited from other people being gentle with us in the beginnings of our journeys. And god knows I’m far from done with mine and owe everything I *do* know to the teachings and readings Read more

1/10/17 2:32PM

I think you’re splitting hairs. I agree that I doubt those women would say “I’m not coming because white women aren’t the center of this march!” but not attending because some women of color told you that white women should listen more and talk less (in general, and at this march in particular) is more or less the Read more

1/10/17 2:25PM

If you can show me where I said that (a) intersectionality is only about race, or (b) trans women have it easy, then I will continue to engage with you. Read more

1/10/17 1:37PM

I agree that unity is needed, but why is the default that people of color come to meet white ladies where we are, and not that we white ladies grow the fuck up and come meet WOC where they are? Read more

1/05/17 11:10PM

Well, I’ll just go ahead and share too much about myself with you. I have had this happen and the key ingredients for this scenario were (a) we were drunk, and (b) it was doggy style. He was thrusting hard, pulled all the way and rammed back into the wrong hole. I think it only went in because I was drunk and relaxed, Read more

1/05/17 4:11PM

When I graduated from grad school, I also wanted a grown up lady purse, so I am 100% with you. Are you looking for a large-ish bag you can use for work, too? If so, the Kate Spade classic totes are, in my opinion, perfect. Mine was around $300, I think, which is a lot of money, but not a crazy lot of money, and I use Read more

6/23/16 11:17AM

So I know this isn’t the purpose of the article, but I honestly baffled by the second to last paragraph. I know that people can disagree with their spouses on politics. I understand that. I, myself, an avowed liberal feminist shitass, have dated Republicans and gotten along just fine. Read more

5/31/16 12:02PM

I’m no legal expert, but I’d imagine the annulment wouldn’t have any bearing on child support. Unmarried people pay child support all the time. The custody arrangement would be the more relevant factor in deciding child support.