Ginger, get the popcorn!
8/10/17 4:49PM

T.I. when did you create a Kinja account and I thought you severed ties with Iggy? And why are you forgetting this?

8/10/17 4:46PM

ok thanks for the input French Montana but please stan for your girl elsewhere

3/14/17 9:58PM

I always thought Jesse was with Kat Von D while still married to Sandra, which is why I’ve boycotted her makeup line. Am I wrong? Because I’d really like to finally try her lipstick!

3/14/17 7:51PM

Yea, also I would seriously doubt that the guns he makes are safe. That would really worry me, that it might go off accidentally...

1/10/17 4:57PM

Ok, mainstream feminism already caters, and has for a long time, to white women. Even the things you mentioned, disproportionately affect women of color. Women of color are more likely to need abortions they can’t afford, the pay gap is bigger for them, they are more likely to experience assault and violence, etc. For Read more

1/10/17 2:38PM

I could definitely be splitting hairs. Your explanation helps me understand where you’re coming from more. I was taking what you said too literally but now I get it and agree. Her being able to walk away unscathed when a lot of women don’t have that option is something for me to think about. Thanks for not being Read more

1/10/17 11:51AM

No. The abortion industry collects dismembered toddler parts they fuse together using black, feminist sorcery into a giant, evil, Voltron baby which will crawl across the land eating Christians as if they were Gerber’s stewed carrots.

12/21/16 1:36PM

I’m still not sure what to think. Personally, I don’t see how it wouldn’t at least be reckless endangerment to expose someone to an incurable infection. Read more

10/25/16 12:20PM

Ditto. And I laughed way too hard at Emily’s ‘it doesn’t give me joy’.

5/28/16 6:45PM

Exactly. I just forwarded this story to my 20something daughters who live in the area and frequent many bars and restaurants, with the TSA tagline “If you see something say something”. It applies in all areas of life.

5/25/16 11:45AM

Thank you this is all i need to read. I feel briefed and prepared for what comes.

5/24/16 12:50PM

No, everything she did was her choice. She is just also a sweet and quiet woman whose other favorite movies include The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady and 84 Charing Cross Road. That she was fairly happy in her life made it more enlightening that she related so strongly to the struggle that she jumped out of her chair Read more