Oct 19

Meanwhile, in Long Beach, CA, I mask up before I open the front door. I probably have over 100 people living on my very short street, and half of them are out without masks in the streets and shit. Read more

Oct 19

My outside time also tends to be on common paths through parks, and there’s not always a place where you can get far enough off the path while a half-dozen people wander slowly by without masks anywhere in sight because “it’s safe if you’re outside”. Read more

Oct 15

“All time travel technology was destroyed after the temporal wars.” Hey, that sounds like a pretty cool story, why don’t you do a show about that.  Read more

Oct 13

You know they could have saved themselves millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of hair and make up work if they had just cast Richard Kind or any other middle aged character actor to play the Penguin instead of Colin Farrell.

Oct 9

While I agree with your sentiment, it is possible this show could see a second season. The CW president has already said he would not rule out a second season as a CW exclusive. Read more

Oct 3

did anyone else expect to read this and find actual strategies for napping? 

Oct 1

What, all those forest-dwelling Picts living in a barren, desert wasteland (and yet still dressed in furs) didn’t impress you?

Sep 29

I finally broke down after some people I trust recommended it to me enough times and... it is SOOOOO much better than the comic. Transcends is definitely the right word here. 

Sep 29

Question: Why the hell is io9 not recapping this show every week? It’s an adaptation of a superhero comic-book that manages to completly transcend its source material. Its right in your wheelhouse, so why the hell is the first thing we hear about it here is a month in, just to highlight a dick joke? Read more

Sep 25

Same. But if they want to use him as an anchor character in an ensemble show, I’m totally on board with that.