George Burnered Shaw
Oct 24

Disappointed to learn that I did not in fact watch the Wolves win their season opener last night, as that obviously could not have happened before Burneko’s annual season preview came out.  Starting off 0-0 just like everyone else this weekend.

Oct 24

I can’t imagine their initial “investigation” went beyond asking Taubman if the comments were directed at anyone, and then credulously accepting him saying “of course not.” Read more

Oct 11

It is a XXXL that doesn’t come close to fitting, but it also cost like $5 and how could I pass up that chance to own something so cursed.

Sep 26

Where do live that shopping shopping for clothes at 6’4” is hard? Most dudes that height have a 34” inseam, which literally every store carries. And even at that height, wearing larger than a size 12 shoe is rare.

Sep 26

Basements are whatever. It’s low-hanging lighting fixtures that will get you. I’m 6’5” and have definitely given myself cocncussions walking into chandeliers that are above my eyeline but low enough to catch the top of my head.

Sep 22

That is what we call being on one. I can cut Romo some slack because he probably knows Flacco personally. But if you’re a fan, Flacco had just sucked ass for like 4 years. Good riddance, and thanks for the ring.