If nobody gets sick, that means that the county public health people have done their job. Nobody getting sick is kind of the goal, there’s no penalty for achieving it Read more

What? In case you haven’t noticed there aren’t a lot of responsible adults in this country. We did elect that moron in chief. Read more

Srange how centrists always refer to sanders as an old white guy instead of potentially our first Jewish president. Read more

I didn’t realize the 2k20 in the title was the expiration date. Read more

I’m guessing it’s because most of the led bulbs are made in China, but it’s still moronic. Remember when led bulbs cost $10.00 each and nobody bought them? There’s no reason to still be buying incandescent bulbs. Read more

Sorry, it was sarcasm. Even if Trump loses the popular vote in a landslide, he’s on track to win again the same way he did in 2016. The American system of voting is rigged and there’s not much we can do about it. Read more

Matt, I wish I had your confidence in my fellow American. Unless that last part was sarcasm - which died circa 2016.
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“But this looks like the most fragile and dangerous thing I’ve ever seen.”

Maybe they’ll release an interactive version so the audience can buy loot boxes that fix the fur on the characters. Read more

The legs are identical to the usual character depiction.
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You missed the part where the user said that the password excuse is likely not the cause because her Ring account has a 21 character unique password on it.  Which sounds like she uses Last Pass or something similar.  Cool rant, though.  Read more

My MacBook has the second iteration of the butterfly switches and generally I haven’t had issues. However, it’s ridiculous that this is a consideration when even a $250 junk laptop offers a reliable keyboard. While it’s impressive that Apple has managed to maintain tactility in such short key travel, during normal Read more

If he didn’t deserve to be impeached before, he does now. Posting a Nickelback video is indisputably a high crime, and needs swift and severe punishment. Read more

My retired friends were gloating today that they will be hitting the beach down the Jersey shore tomorrow. Fucking olds. Read more

We are already at 90 today in central Ohio. With 90 expected tomorrow.
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In Texas we haven’t seen rain since.... July, and we’re still in the high 90s.. Usually we’ve dropped to the mid 80s and start getting storms this time of year. Seems like EVERYTHING is dying, plant wise.. We’re slowing gonna become more arid I think.. and by Texas I mean Dallas. Read more

I’m in Philly and it’s supposed to be 93 tomorrow. Ninety three. In October.  Next week we’re supposed to see weather in the 60's and 70's.  A couple weeks ago I was wearing a jacket a couple days during the week.  At this rate we’ll be wearing shorts at Christmas.  Distinct seasons are no more.   Read more

I woke up today to 36 in Seattle, and there is already snow over the passes.
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Wait. How can she cry without her eye? Read more