2 hrs ago

Hot take: every monetary unit spent getting me to the airport and back is one less monetary unit the Saudi General Intelligence Directorate can spend on killing journalists. Read more

2:49 PM

If true, they are really bad at it. I would assume that the point of laundering money is to get most of it back, but at the rate Uber is burning cash, I think they mistook the stove for the washer.

2:38 PM

Man, I buy the wrong milk once and it’s still brought up, and this dude is over here forgiving the murder and dismemberment of a journalist. Read more

2:33 PM

Good point. Arby’s is famous for allowing adults to run around in the restaurants and throw food on the ground. Such a distressing double standard.

2:21 PM

The truly twisted and self-loathing part of idolizing Calvin Coolidge and the Immigration Act of 1924, of course, is that it slammed the door on others of Miller’s own ancestry (who were, consequently, left behind to die under the very kind of ideology he advocates).

1:57 PM

“Karl only discovered the word when he returned to his office in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, but is not happy with the £10 compensation he got as an apology, saying it was a slap in the [shitty] face.”

11:35 AM

It looks a lot closer to the original J van than a Chiron compared with, say, a Type 35.

10:44 AM

And, damn, this looks good from all angles.

10:20 AM

the future of an EV jaguar/land rover seems like a non-starter - but that has never hurt them in the past

10:07 AM

That is a great looking van. I’d 100% own one if I was in the business of delivering baguettes, flowers, or marijuana. The van just says “happiness” on the oustide. Read more

10:01 AM

Eh, there’s certain food - sushi, etc - which lends itself to a stunning plate. But hearty comfort food can be delicious gray lumps in brown sauce.

2:18 PM

One of the main draws of capitalism is it ensures scarce capital will flow to those enterprises most socially useful, as it did with Juicero, a high concept tech and wellness brand whose entire value proposition was “People would rather pay $400 for a machine to squeeze their juice from a bag rather than do it by Read more

11:47 AM

A 30,000 purse? Buy her a new one and put her head in it.