Wasabi Buttplug
2 hrs ago

I hope Trump keeps trying to block this book all the way to SuperDuper Court, and the delay turns all his dirty laundry into an October surprise instead of a July piece of news that gets forgotten after a weekly barrage of bullshit.

8:58 AM

Yeah we’ve all been there, that terrible day when she comes home and introduces her “boyfriend”! That tattooed, disheveled, Unimog who’s sole talent is that he can burp and fart at the same time. 

8:56 AM

The 21st century bitch basket. I like it.

Not that your faux daughter will be a bitch, but you get the idea...

8:31 AM

Confession: I don’t want this one but I’ve always wanted a black Evoque coupe. Read more

8:06 AM

I’ve always liked the looks of these, even though I know that it has a Camaro-level of blindspots from that roof line. Read more

9:40 PM

For the absolute dummies in the greys whom I happily dismiss, before you waste your time going “aLl tHe gUyS HaD To dO WaS NoT CoMmIt cRiMeS,” consider that those men had their charges dropped because of the police brutality. The cops let the bad guys get away because they couldn’t resist the opportunity to violate Read more

8:50 PM

Honestly, if the police are at all interested in salvaging anything of their reputations, busting these lying, trespassing, false report filing twunts is a great way to go. They look busy, generate lots of citations, actually arrest people who are breaking the law, and give consequences to racism. They could make Read more

6:41 PM

Time and time again we see that cops cannot handle a lack of deference, real or imagined. They had these guys on actual, factual crimes! The guys tried to dispose of contraband and then pulled over and surrendered; the only reason that force was involved here was because the cops were enraged by not receiving Read more

5:25 PM

Not answering questions is the first step with these Barney Fifes but the next is holding THEM to the letter of the law! This couple should have pressed charges for her trespassing on their property and being a nuisance in front of their home. It’s not just about standing in your rights or taking their imagined Read more

3:00 PM

Because people like that have a vast gaping hole where their soul should be. Filling it with material goods hasn’t helped so they move on to making other people feel miserable to see if that’ll make the void go away. They’re too stupid and selfish to ever figure out that the only way to fill that hole is to help Read more

2:49 PM

The way Officer Billy Thug was all buddy buddy after he body slammed this shit out of Smith is just as disgusting. He could have been like that from the got damn start

2:07 PM

Because she doesn’t enjoy seeing black people have something to enjoy.

1:26 PM

Why is minding one’s damn business hard? I mean really. If you’re not paying for it or it isn’t impacting you, why the hell should you care? Read more

12:15 PM

Maybe it really is time we stop giving white people who seek to weaponize the police against Black people cutesy little nicknames like “BBQ Becky” or “Central Park Karen.” Read more