3/11/21 3:10PM

Nearly 2 hours and no article or headline correction.  I get this is a blog, not really a news site, but still.

3/11/21 2:44PM

My pops has a reservation from 2 years ago, I checked the previous pricing and it looks like it was just increased by $1k.   

3/11/21 2:35PM

That’s disappointing that he’s not referencing his source. That used to be the standard.

3/11/21 2:32PM

It’s the same with any new car, except Tesla’s more transparent about it.  With anybody else, you’re just trying to figure out when they’ll have the best rebates and programs.  The truck I leased in November would be 50% more today, but who knows what next month will bring?

3/11/21 2:29PM

Dude, are you even trying? Having read your stuff over time, and especially the most recent cross-country one, I don’t understand why you even write for this site, you don’t seem to be much of a car person at all.

3/11/21 2:27PM

That’s the sad state of journalism today. Just reword an article and not even do any basic research to verify it. Made even worse when people don’t cite the source where they got the info. That’s why there’s so much misinformation out there today. It’s like big game of telephone.

3/11/21 2:15PM

I mean we have yet to even get an article about the new Jeep Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer yet. I think it’s pretty clear that Jalopnik doesn’t have the strongest EIC/editorial team at the moment.

3/11/21 2:14PM

I find it more likely he just read the headline when someone posted the Reuters article to reddit.

3/11/21 2:11PM

A $10k price increase on the Model Y Long Range should trigger enough common-sense alarm bells to do some damn research here. Increasing it $10k would make it the same price as a Performance which would make zero sense. It took me less than a minute to open a new tab and build a Model Y on the Tesla site to see that Read more

3/11/21 2:05PM

I think the source article just looked at the cheapest Y available before and the current lowest price.

Read more

3/11/21 1:59PM

Or Jalopnik is just continuing their trend this week of making fake articles about Tesla, for market manipulation purposes or who knows what. The price did not actually go up $10k. Hard to say if it either went up $1k or maybe went down slightly, but it’s still in the same price ballpark it has always been in.

3/11/21 1:55PM

Electrek’s article from last night said Model Y hadn’t changed prices at all, but Model 3 Long Range had gone down in price by $500. The Model Y has always been about +$5k over the Model 3 so everything still looks in order.

3/11/21 1:47PM

Now you know where Erik stole his information from and reposted without verifying. Read more

3/11/21 1:47PM

Torch’s ID.4 review even listed the Model Y LR at $48,900. This is just being unwilling to do even minimal research on a Reuters report that clearly doesn’t make sense.

3/11/21 1:30PM

Erik, you’re a dumb dumb, former price was $48,990, it was increased by a grand, ONE grand , not ten

3/11/21 1:29PM

Tesla raised the price of the Model Y LR by $1,000; not $10,000. I have no idea where you’re getting that number from. It was $48,990 before and now it’s $49,990.

3/09/21 7:18PM

Yes and no. I’ve never really viewed HD as premium. At least not anything below the CVO line. If premium for them starts in the 30's, then I think 14k is a reasonable starting point for them IF they are premium. Of course, as I said in my other comment, I think they should have a 10k bike. That’s mostly because you Read more