3/11/21 7:25PM

Why not? There is already electricity lines in national forests; why not install charging stations at paved parking lots?

3/11/21 3:33PM

The universe of America in 2021 where nearly all motorcycle purchases are purely for recreation. “Hurr durr I won’t spend more than $750 on a 1987 Honda nighhawk!!!”

3/11/21 3:30PM

This is the dude who deadass wrote an article about how he just drove around town for weeks with his highbeams on because he couldn’t be bothered to fix his headlights. 

3/09/21 6:38PM

Dogs are assholes. I’m dealing with a broken toe because I was chasing mine up a flight of stairs in flip-flops. I stubbed my toe trying to keep up with her so hard it broke. Now I’m limping around like an idiot and she is so fed up with how slow her walks are now. YOU DID THIS YOU LITTLE GREMLIN.

3/09/21 6:23PM

Right, and “premium entry-level” is all Harley should be doing, too. The problem is their Big Twins start at like $14k. There’s got to be something in the $8-9k range that is competitive. 

3/09/21 6:21PM

That $8-9k figure ought to be what Harley is aiming at; a modern air-cooled V-twin around 800-1000 ccs, standard riding position, good comfort, competitive weight. Basically, an American Bonneville, which is what the Sportster used to be . . . in the early 60s!

3/09/21 5:33PM

Agreed. I wish Harley could grow and offer a comprehensive lineup of bikes, like an American Triumph. I LIKE Harleys. Hell, I’d want to own a Harley bike. They simply don’t make a mid-weight standard anymore. 

3/09/21 5:31PM

The Sixty2 starts a $7,999, which I believe is a good bit cheaper than the cheapest Harley. 

3/09/21 4:57PM

Counter-point; the Ducati Scrambler series has been a big hit, and they are low-cost entry level bikes. 

3/09/21 4:56PM

“The biggest competition for a new Harley-Davidson bike is not an Indian bike or a Honda, or a Suzuki bike, but is a used Harley-Davidson bike,” said Hardiman.” Read more

3/08/21 6:59PM

I can only see some “Distinguished Gentleman” play-acting in tweed, Mi’Ladying and tipping his racing fedora to every woman he sees. 

2/05/21 6:23PM

I’d love to ride one, but I’d never really want to own one, not even as a second bike. Maybe as like at 7th bike or something.

2/05/21 5:58PM

Hell yeah, my ‘96 Sable wagon had the same thing! But WITH a flip-up CAR PHONE. Best car ever.