Garland - Last Top Comment on Splinter
8:12 PM

“Colorado law is very carefully crafted,” he said, according to BuzzFeed. “If the officer has a reasonable belief that the person has used a deadly weapon in a crime and is still armed, they can use deadly force to prevent that person from being a fleeing felon with that deadly weapon.” Read more

12:13 PM

I dunno, maybe Focus buyers went to competitors because the Focus is a piece of shit. My buddy bought one new, and gets a new transmission every 20k miles. Luckily that has its own warranty, so it keeps resetting. If it expires before the next replacement, he’s selling the car the day it runs out. He’ll never buy a Read more

1:15 PM

You mention integrated astromech units, but then show an Eta-2 Actis, which has a full droid socket (which we even see R2-D2 pop out of). The example you’re looking for is the Delta-7 Aethersprite, which had a hardwired astromech because the wings were too thin to hold a full droid socket.

7:33 AM

Seriously, what do they want from victims? To dial 911 mid-rape? It probably took her an hour to gather enough composure to speak. Or maybe she wanted to make sure her attacker had moved on. Or literally anything else.
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2:12 PM

Catholic hospitals need to provide the same care as anywhere else, or they should be shut down.  It’s absolutely ridiculous that they’re allowed to let people suffer and die while they discuss fairy tales in a fucking committee.