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12:12 PM

Correct take.  You don’t shrink yourself to greatness, and margin doesn’t pay the bills if there’s no revenue to apply it to.

12:11 PM

I had a 2015 Focus that had transmission troubles. Last June, I unexpectedly got in a wreck and totaled it. We needed something bigger for family vacations, the kids Scout campouts and other things you do with 2 school age kids. With all lack of reliability of our Focus, replacing it with an Escape, Explorer or Read more

12:10 PM

I never had a cruze, but my wife (then gf) had a focus, that piece of junk got sold the moment we got married. Read more

12:09 PM

If they can sell them at a profit, no matter how small, while keeping up with demand in higher margin market segments (read: SUVs), they are leaving money on the table. It’s a focus on profit margin over gross profit. That looks good to the shareholders, but they’re missing the bigger picture.

11:57 AM

US consumers: haven’t had a meaningful raise in decades. Read more

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9:14 AM

Yeah, that’s a good point. But branding has a lot more to do with what image it evokes in the customer’s mind. How they feel when they hear it. When I hear “mustang” I think about a throaty exhaust, low sleek stance, wide tires, muscular looks, convertible top, fun car. It’s why a person driving a brand new Mustang GT Read more

8:27 AM

I’ll hold out for the Ford Mustang Super Duty GT with the flat plane electric motor.

7:58 AM

I will say I’m friends with one of the managers who was part of the naming team. I suggested stuff like Falcon (since it’s discontinued again) or Thunderbird, both of which he liked and apparently pitched in the meetings. As you can see, his vote didn’t go very far unfortunately....

7:57 AM

Except this isn’t the same thing at all. Porsche is a maker, Mustang is a specific vehicle. It would be like Porsche calling the Macan the “911 Cross Sport” or something. 

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7:34 AM

I can't wait for the Ford Mustang Ecosport, the Ford Mustang Escape, the Ford Mustang Edge, the Ford Mustang Explorer, the Ford Mustang Transit, the Ford Mustang Transit Connect, the Ford Mustang F150, the Ford Mustang F150 Raptor, and the Ford Mustang Mustang.

7:34 AM

The parable about “watering down the soup” has apparently been heard by zero people in the Ford board room.

12:38 AM

I love milk and always have. I will defend my snow white beverage of choice until the end! How can you make real hot cocoa without milk? What would my special spaghetti sauce be without that dash of cream at the end? And dammit, YOU EAT CEREAL WITH MILK. I don’t wanna hear from you weirdos who eat it dry or whatever.

11:49 PM

Can we call “nut milks” what they really are, which is just “nut juice?” Let’s see them have fun trying to market that!

10:42 PM

I like milk. Also, there’s some reason to believe I’m more of a psychopath. The theory has been put forth by a couple of actual doctors over the years. Read more

10:15 PM

Yes, but dammit, we COOK with it. Let’s see you make all your lovely baked goods, sauces, and mac n cheese dishes without it! Read more