Garland - Last Top Comment on Splinter
2:30 PM

Was this the result of someone looking over the less popular categories at Bonneville and having a profound sponsorship epiphany?

12:18 PM

You’re just upset because whites are slowly becoming a minority in America and you deserve it for being the way you are.

12:17 PM

You know presidents of America are supposed to unite the country not divide us, right? You know this don’t you. You can have a president insulting the opposition and calling us the enemy. Nothing could will come of it.

11:50 AM

Trump is saying, I’m with you whites and only whites. Everyone else is the enemy. You can’t have a president choosing sides. Can you imagine if Obama said, Republicans are the enemy of America. Dems hold your ground. Reps would have lost it.

11:47 AM

“The thing that was even more upsetting to me is the fact that they’re not antiques, they’re replicas.” Read more

10:49 AM

Imagine getting this angry over being told you only get to buy 1 whole gun per month... Read more

10:48 AM

So don’t be fooled, it is actually pretty difficult to purchase a firearm in the state of Virginia. Read more

8:12 AM

I mangled this thing all to hell. Wanna buy it? 

8:11 AM

I was digging it until the hack job of a swap. Yet another attempt to recoup money that should have been spend elsewhere.
Read more

5:13 AM

Right? If you’re committing so many violent crimes that you’re wearing some well-machined metal out every few weeks, we need better laws. Read more

9:29 PM

I was thinking the exact same thing. I can’t even fathom the mindset of someone losing their shit after being told, “Sorry, Bubba, but you can only buy 12 handguns this year. And you’re going to have to show ID and fill out a form.”

3:00 PM

So, three forms and some minimal proof that you’re not a criminal or mentally unstable? That’s it? That doesn’t sound particularly difficult. You’re talking about giving someone an instrument of death, it should probably be at least comparable to getting driver’s license (which it is still not). Read more