Feb 23

LOL!!  Here’s a star for using the phrase “Big Sphere”.  Thank you for the laugh.

Jan 8

“People are unwilling to live with having an hour of charge time added to that 500 mile drive they do maybe twice a year,” Read more

May 17 2019

If you dont care what people see you in just drive a mini van and have a better experience.

Apr 25 2019

Probably because they are logging trips completed, rather than trips attempted. If a passenger begins an Uber trip in a FCA product, which then, predictably, breaks down, hails an Uber Camry, which then takes them to their destination; the trip probably counts toward the Camry.

Feb 7 2019

Miatas are rising up and trying to rebel against the travesty of putting an auto transmission in the perfect roadster.

Jan 16 2019

I’m honestly pretty impressed by just how much of a colossal fuckup Brexit has become. Who knew that giving in to paranoid, racist delusions could be bad for a country?

Jan 15 2019

I’m a #notallhumans quasi-libertarian-leaning ACLU-supporting shlub harboring a deep-seated problem with authority and a general distrust of The Man in most situations.... but.... I dunno, man. This is a kind of get-tough-on-wanton-stupidity thing I could maybe get behind. Read more

Jan 8 2019

Fucking A man. Subaru calls it an SUV because it attracts people who connect to that word. They know it’s a lifted/wagonized Legacy, which is a car, but Subaru is also good at speaking the right language in their respective markets. They are just making a killing here in British Columbia because the Outback plays Read more

Nov 19 2018

If, by that, you mean that we should get rid of the statutory requirement most states have for a dealership model for retail auto sales, then I’ll carry a pitchfork alongside ya, brother. If you mean that new dealerships should be prevented from opening, then I wholeheartedly disagree, as you cannot have too much compe Read more

Nov 16 2018

Star for the comment and the name. Keep up the good work Half-cocked Jack the Coiner.

Oct 2 2018

I am pleasantly surprised that Chuck Yeager is still alive, and surprised that he is on Twitter

Sep 20 2018

Puppy, zero emissions? My rug would like a word with you. And my couch. And my mattress. And my left arm. And my shoe. And my eyes.