4/20/21 11:18AM

In-N-Out fries suck not because they are fresh cut but because they are fried once. Look at any guide to making good fries and every single one requires the fries to be blanched at a lower temperature (to cook the starch properly) and then fried at a higher temperature for crispness. There are one-fry hacks that start Read more

12/09/20 11:59AM

If they decide to re-create the Chilito (a.k.a. the chili cheese burrito), I’ll get in my car and drive from Chicago to get one. The greatest post-drinking snack ever on the menu!

9/30/20 4:15PM

I’ll pretend I watched it and confirm that that is in fact the correct way to handle the situation

9/05/20 4:01PM

So Vought is pushing a bleak “America First/Saving America” agenda... And then this today, from the real world: Read more

8/17/20 5:51PM

Nah.  Get a nice creamy stout, maybe coffee flavored, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  

8/07/20 7:38PM

That blob monster that ate Tasha Yar?”

Jesus fucking Christ, The AV Club - it didn’t eat her - it SMACKED her.

Where are your standards these days, The AV Club? WHERE ARE YOUR STANDARDS?

7/30/20 2:18PM

And it still has all the regular carbs. I’ll just take a seltzer if we’re really going down the 0% abv route. 

7/24/20 12:48PM

is this both the Dessners, or just Aaron. Thought it was just Aaron.
And that must’ve been awkward when Bryce read about it yesterday, or even if Aaron told him earlier. Read more

7/16/20 12:28PM

Well I see why they love him because when most Republicans die they also disintegrate into a pile of goo

7/06/20 2:09PM

True. Only anyone who bought an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Mac in the last year, and what is that? Like five people?

7/06/20 11:27AM

Yeah these things taste pretty nasty to me, I figured people just drank them because they’re pretty easy to drink a lot of, and if they’re cold they pretty much just taste like water with a weird aftertaste.

6/22/20 10:15PM

I have zero desire for any car where I have to fuck around with putting physical keys in locks. I have my Luddite tendencies when it comes to cars, but keys are very much not one of them. I have touch code locks on my HOUSES too. Physical keys are relics of bygone days. Read more

6/22/20 10:02AM

How the sex scene with Lupe ended was one of the most genuinely funny moments on TV this year.

5/24/20 3:55PM

It’s the Ship of Theseus, except the ship is Journey and the mystery is why anybody cares.