Yeah, I’ve actually worked with LGBTQIA homeless outreach programs for youth in the past, so try again. If her foundation is not just a sinkhole for her personal wealth like they tend to be for wealthy individuals, great. Showing receipts for the work she will do in the future is always good, ie, having a high rating Read more

The lyrics are so full of nuance... it’s hard to tell. Read more


I’d also be ok with Warren/West #2020. Read more

More 90s Olympic ice skater. Read more

I think Miley made her headpiece. Read more

This testimony reminds me of interviews of Rose McGowan gave about why she made her most recent short film. I highly recommend everyone seeing if you can handle the violence. It’s not shown on screen, but still could be triggering for some, especially those who’ve survived sexual assault. Read more

I found Cybill grating and only watched maybe once when it aired originally, but the two-episode parody I found on youtube in full. Juicy as hell tho. Read more

Watch the couple of episodes of Cybil where she parodies Moonlighting and skewers Bruce Willis for being a misogynist jerk. It’s so satisfying for an 80s child! I had such a crush on him, but it makes sense that he was that big of a tool on set. Read more

Today, we’re all vagina pool floats. Read more

Bill Hader’s angry cousin.

Yeah, I’m friends with someone whose boyfriend previously didn’t have guns, but he recently went out and bought a slew of guns. Because he’s a big supporter of the 2nd amendment. Not that he actually hunts. He doesn’t. Not that he needs protection. He lives in a relatively safe neighborhood. Liiiiiiike, maybe he’s a Read more

Cosplay by dEliA*s.

“Why are you not thrilled that your toes have given me a boner?!” Read more

The essential oils people kill me. Did you know they cure all manners of chronic illness? Gtfo of my face with that shit, people. Read more