I looks exactly as I would have expected. Read more

Suggest you review the difference between coincidence and causation. Read more

What an amazing overreach. People die every day trying to get emergency services. this woman was black, therefore racism. As if nobody working at a hospital in Milwaukee is black.  Farcical   Read more

In fact, the driver had probably been ignoring the loud clunking noises that occurred every time he steered in either direction ... FOR A LONG TIME! If it weren’t an SUV, the wheel would have pushed out of the wheel well and mangled the fender. Read more

Super Beetles are notorious for this. On mine, what got me was the lower control arm bushings hardened without looking worn so they were the last thing replaced. EVERYTHING else was replaced, including the steering box. Read more

Yeah, that’s more than a death wobble.  That’s a broken connecting rod. Read more

Because disapproval of a douchebag driving recklessly in a douche-mobile is so unhip. Read more

...and for spending 27 hour driving and buying a silly car, your reward is an article on Jalopnik.  What an achievement. What a great use of your money and time! Read more

Nothing is more impressive than a douche in a special even more expensive than usual version of a luxury car. Why only spend $80k when you can spend $100k?  I pass you in my 45 year old Super Beetle every day, big spender.  Read more

The same Fed that already subsidizes Muskla.  Read more

Amazon will hire ANYBODY. It shouldn’t surprise you that you are treated like dirt.  Nobody needs as much money as Bezos. You should work against him, not for him. Read more

What’s a “damn car?” Do you mean *damned* car? Have you been taking language lessons from sports commentators? You see, an adjective is a word that describes a thing.  Damn is a verb or action word. Read more

What part of speech is "damn?" Read more

As an adult, you would be great at Little League Baseball, too. Read more

They “should” quit while they are ahead. Ask the old-dudes 3-on-3 basketball league why.  No chance of this succeeding.  Read more