May 2 2019

getting hit in the nuts by a messy rocket is probably also the 4th most likely way elon musk meets his demise

Oct 11 2017

why does graham feel like now is an appropriate time to talk about a guy shooting 73 or 74? don’t politicize this!

Dec 14 2016

Andres Serrano also submitted his ballet in an unusual manner. Alas, it was not accepted because it was a picture of Barry Bonds in a jar of piss.

Nov 8 2016

Shut the fuck up. This comment has a tldr, a “stupid millenial, stop trying to do something about racism,” and tells a black guy he doesn’t know what inequality looks like. It also is unreadable. jesus

Nov 4 2016

How many levels of hell do you think there are? Do you think one of them is just Edmonton?

Sep 6 2016

Meekly-Built Mother’s latest E.P., The Child With The Broken Arm, soars to the top of the indie charts.

Aug 9 2016

Not a big basketball guy, but I saw a tall man buy like a dozen egg cartons at the store this weekend so I’ll go with him.

May 31 2016

Waldron would like to thank his strict regimen of stick and hoop for keeping him in such good shape.

Mar 25 2016

Where were each of you when you first heard a Weird Al song? What song was it, and why did you then purchase his entire discography and become a touring superfan?