Nov 1

Oh man, Raysism once gave me like 100 words of earnest advice on a dated post. If I remember correctly, it was “we’re all bored lawyers who don’t take ourselves seriously, so you shouldn’t either.” I didn’t listen; I continued to think commenting was much more important than it was. Read more

Mar 8 2019

Wow, choosing this week to decrease their social media profile? These guys don’t have an original bone in their body.

Sep 20 2018

True story - what’s even sadder for that beer vendor is that his job doesn’t even provide enough to allow him to go back to his home in Kansas to visit his father. His dad had to use some of his retirement savings to travel to Landover just to be able to see his boy. Read more

May 19 2017

I haven’t seen a beating in Boston like that since Mark Wahlberg blinded that guy while committing multiple hate crimes.

Apr 8 2017

[...] A misstep would likelyterally have not gone over too well with his parents.

Feb 12 2017

Oof, this is really going to drop his stock in the next update of Chad Ford’s 2012 NBA Draft rankings.

Dec 20 2016

the attacker is not believed to have specifically targeted the tennis player personally, and instead had picked a house to rob at random Read more

Jul 18 2014

If this guy wanted to get really anal, he'd probably be turned down for that too.

Mar 6 2013

#11: Suppositories. No hard core Fitnesser or Workoutistsa ignores suppositories. Whether they be a small balloon filled with Great Stuff™ brand expanding foam, a tube of Chap-Stick® Classic Skin Protectant, or even a roll of pennies wrapped in duct tape, no "Exercise Routine" is complete without this vital, Read more

Jan 17 2013

Many moons ago there lived a strong and powerful chief. The chief ruled for many years and took many wives. The wives were well taken care of and wanted for nothing. Read more