Sep 4 2019

On the bright side; thanks to the terrible state of American health care at least 8 million of those tens of millions are going to be dead within the decade

May 22 2019

This has already been done by AKHAN Semiconductor from Gurnee, Illinois (Miraj Diamond Glass). Huawei is suspected to have stolen the technology Will be probably implemented by some smartphone manufacturer in the coming years.

May 21 2019

Aren’t diamonds also superconductors when cold enough? It’s really a miraculous structure, so hell yeah let’s put them in everything! 

May 21 2019

This is such a great point. There are many practical applications of diamonds once they are cheaper.

May 21 2019

Exactly it’s a rock. Just a pretty one. The entire diamond thing is because of marketing and nothing more. 

Dec 5 2018

Goddammit another misleading headline: totally thought this was going to be a Mr. Robot style hijack and am disappointed it’s just workaday folks doing good things for strangers. Borrrring!

Nov 7 2018

Alex. You lose one hour *once* Just once. And everyone born after spring 2019 will NEVER lose it again. And fuck, it won’t be dark when you go home after 5 pm there come the deepest middle of winter. Isn’t that worth one last hour of your life? To not have that flip-flop is worth it, in spades. Read more

Oct 23 2018

Look, if we can’t trust you to accurately depict cinematic classics like *checks notes* Independence Day, how can we trust your opinions on how much BRAAAAAAPPPP is the right amount of BBBRRRAAAAAAAAPPPP?

Sep 20 2018

What are the chances that some person thinks they got the deal of a lifetime on a manual transmission Porsche?

Jun 29 2018

The Specials had less money than the catering budget for this and still worked ten times better. Read more

Jun 13 2018

It almost stops. It’s a low speed collision that should not cause any harm to the passengers.
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Apr 16 2018

Yet again, another fucking video that doesn’t answer the fucking question in the headline. Read more