Sep 5 2019

I’m not telling anyone to buy it or not buy it. I’m critiquing a game whose original I played and liked things about, just liked I played this version and, as I pretty clearly said, liked things about it. I also found some things about it asinine. *shrug*

Sep 5 2019

It’s still an editorial article, the point of which is to give their impression of the game. Not sure what you think they’re supposed to write.

Sep 5 2019

Atlus has had issues with depictions of the LBGTQ for many of their games now and have been TOLD said issues. They decided to keep going with their frankly fucking offensive depictions because they know their die-hard Otaku base will defend their games/waifus. Read more

Sep 5 2019

I knew Atlus wasn’t going to change shit, I hate being right.

Sep 5 2019

Are you suggesting that a game reviewer shouldn’t give negative reviews? Because that’s what it sounds like.

Aug 30 2019

This.  There's a big difference between the plot of the game having transphobia in it and the game itself being transphobic.

Aug 30 2019

The transphobia isn't a part of the plot though, it's baked into the fundamental worldview of the game. The original deadnames the trans character in the credits.

Aug 30 2019

This is a game that hates trans people made by people who hate trans people.

Jul 8 2019

This may get me back into the game. I’ve stopped playing shortly after Heavensward came out, and coming back in I’ve had enough issues easing back into things that I wound up abandoning the game all over again. Especially didn’t want to burden other regulars over it.
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Jun 12 2019

I feel like if you want to do something like this, you have to come into it with a track record on these kinds of issues that is squeaky clean, else you have to make your point immediately clear even from a screenshot. Unfortunately CDPR has repeatedly got in trouble with their attempts to be edgy (in contexts where Read more

Jun 12 2019

I think it’s a ‘death by a thousand cuts’ thing. Combined with the blatant stereotypes folks previewing the game have called out and their history of anti-trans messaging (purposeful or not) folks assumed the worse.

Jun 12 2019

I think it gets complicated by the company’s context of botching so much of social media and some of the rumblings from the show floor about how this latest demo was handling race. That’s a problem with the genre as a whole, but it doesn’t sound like 2077 is approaching that sort of thing with the greatest sense of Read more

Jun 12 2019

It makes no sense to get upset over imagery in a work of fiction until you know in what context the imagery is being used. Also, a depiction of a fictionalized world is likely to contain portrayals of real bigotry, especially one set in this universe, so it’s not appropriate to assume that just because bigotry is Read more

Jun 11 2019

This is a new genre of game mashup that could empty my wallet without remorse. Sugar-glider Snowboarder. Wombat BMX . Base-jumping sloth. It’s diabolical.

May 24 2019

the fine is 21.7 million yen (nearly $200,000) and must be paid by December 25 of this year”
Welp. That’s the end of McDonalds.