Welcome Back Otter
1/25/20 12:58PM

Yes. Welcome to the experience of watching Pom Poko. Tanuki testicles also have a lot of surrounding Japanese folklore.

1/24/20 7:04AM

Come on. Copying the structure of Kurosawa films for Star Wars? When have they ever done that?

1/23/20 10:57PM

I mean, Anakin was very clear about the negatives of sand. Coarse, rough, etc. 

1/23/20 6:12PM

Oh man, that means you missed out on the era here when the comments were full of Stride Mothers working from home and buying F1 McLarens! We got some good memes out of those bizarre word-soup bots.

1/22/20 12:39PM

Jesus christ the tweet was bad enough, but did Planters cut you a check to write this?

1/20/20 1:43PM

that was my experience, too. but i kept being pulled back to trying it, and once i got past the first rather biblical part, omg. it’s soooo good.

1/19/20 8:00AM

T he first section is pretty biblical.  Later, there are adventure tales. 

1/18/20 4:36AM

Perhaps they’re just trying to distance themselves from, you know, the “other” Fox.

1/09/20 6:16PM

That was an awful lot of underwater thriller names dropped without mentioning The Abyss, especially given the direct Aliens connection. Read more

1/04/20 2:00AM

I think it a waste than in such a bathtub-strewn R-rated film, with actual female bathing victims, that they eschew the 1980s american horror trope of “generous convenient boobs”.

There have been a lot of “subverison of expectation” instances in films lately. I insist we get a return of “subversion of boners”, where Read more

12/20/19 1:41PM

In a show about magic, the real wizards are the fine folks who digitally removed the mustache that I assume Henry Cavill still has.

11/26/19 12:03PM

King Of The Monsters was fairly goofy and played very much like a 60's kaiju flick, but it wasn’t devil-may-care wacky the way Skull Island was. Skull Island is the one time Hollywood has made a kaiju film that perfectly nails their spirit. Right down to extremely overqualified actors showing up to talk about big dumb Read more

11/26/19 8:35AM

The human story was pretty serious but only made up about a third of the movie. It was pretty rad, definitely more over the top monster action than the first. Worth a watch!