Welcome Back Otter
1/29/20 8:03AM

I remember a writer once stating in a column that Joyce is most admired by those who’ve never read his work. 

1/29/20 7:49AM

I had an abridged illustrated version and I loved it. It was basically non-stop violence and gore and I couldn’t believe I was getting away with reading it.

1/29/20 7:47AM

Especially the long explanation as to why a whale should be classified as a fish and not a mammal.

1/29/20 7:41AM

I read The Old Man and immediately felt like I understood why he had such a great reputation. Then I read Farewell To Arms and couldn’t understand why he had such a great reputation.

1/27/20 7:51AM

I pity the person who updates Cage’s Wikipedia and IMDB pages and has to keep track of the incredible number of cheap, obscure VOD movies he’s churning out.

1/26/20 3:01AM

Coming in late to espouse my theory that Kim lives and will have her own series in the future. When Saul skips town at the of BB he gives his secretary a card and tells her to call the number. My theory is that’s Kim.

1/26/20 2:55AM

Late to this, but “epilogue” is the perfect word. It doesn’t have the intensity of the final seasons of Breaking Bad, but it doesn’t need to. I also enjoyed Jesse’s conviction that the vacuum store guy didn’t call the cops only to gave the squad car roll into view behind him. Classic BB humour.

1/24/20 5:29AM

If you haven’t seen their post-Python anthology series, Ripping Yarns, track it down. It’s brilliant. Palin stars but they wrote it together.

1/23/20 6:28AM

Yes, I recall Peter Jackson saying the look and feel for the town of Bree in Fellowship of the Ring was greatly informed by Holy Grail for this very reason.

1/22/20 7:16AM

I remember them going off track and talking about their kids’ baseball games on that one. 

1/19/20 7:25AM

I tried as a kid, but after The Hobbit and LOTR, it felt like I was reading The Old Testament. Never did go back to it.

1/18/20 7:51AM

Pretty sure the Fox brand had been shit upon long before Disney got their hands on it.

1/10/20 7:40AM

Can’t help but think they’re doing it for SEO purposes. “What’s that movie about an office Christmas party? Oh. Office Christmas Party. Found it.” 

1/10/20 7:37AM

A friend of mine in high school, whose parents ran the local video store, had this poster on his wall. Just this one, of the hundreds he had access to. I guess he really liked it.

1/10/20 7:32AM

Amid all these challenges, it’s amazing there are animals that actually live down there.