Sep 10

It’s called The EARL Spirit, it’s an Earl Grey based tea spirit. Very unique. If your colleague David Tracy hits me up while he’s in Germany, I’ll send him a bottle or two that he can bring back to the US of A.

Sep 9

Oh... Oh no.

I’m sorry your girlfriend cheated on you, but...

What’s the name of this spirits brand? I enjoy spirits deeply and regularly.

Sep 8

If you want to get all wild and crazy, maybe there’s some silt down there as well.

Jul 8

This strangely reminds me of one of my childhood movies Blank Check(1994).

Jun 11

I love the detective work that went into this! Thank you! Also, I’d love to hear what Linda Stokes has to say— she’s gotta have some crazy stories!

Jun 11

I think this comment forgets that the European market is much more important to VW than the US. While a RAV4 killer would sell in Europe (and sell like hotcakes here in the US), this is the car that VW needs to make for their home market.

Mar 12 2020

I’m Taiwanese, and I’m sure that you’ve heard about the low number of infections here even with our proximity to China. This is partly because of our government’s quick response, partly because anyone old enough still remembers the terror that SARS brought back in 2003, and partly because wearing face masks was Read more

Mar 12 2020

Everyone who voted for this idiot needs to slink off in shame and never vote again. You clearly cannot be trusted with any important decision ever. Read more

Mar 11 2020

If this is the kind of shit we allow to happen, then maybe we don’t deserve to modify cars.

Mar 10 2020

So what you’re saying is, it’s important to shut down coal power? Yeah, i agree. 

Mar 9 2020

Hi, I’m Jimmy from Jimmy’s Manure Delivery.  All of our vehicles are Dodge Journeys, because they’re crap before we even load anything in them.

Mar 9 2020

Prices starting at $2.6million. I don’t think she’s denied anyone a roof over their head.

Mar 8 2020

Seems like an agile, competent group like the EU should be able to handle this very easily. I predict perfect results.

Mar 5 2020

Yeah, I’m not going to blame gig workers for doing what they can to keep their heads above water.

Work for exposure sucks, but I will 100% blame that on boomers. In 2008 when the economy tanked, middle managers were pushed out of their cushy office jobs and dumped back into the workforce with dozens of years of Read more

Mar 5 2020

Nah, the cranky ones are young now. The olds have fucking ruined the world for us, so we have something to be pissed about.