9/14/20 4:47AM

I’m a “separate commenter” and I support you buying . this chair :-)

1/15/20 5:19AM

This is horrifying. I work in aerospace for one of those greedy, profit-driven meat grinder corporations and yet, if anyone were to display this attitude, even verbally, we’d dox that person and have them fired in a second. Read more

1/14/20 5:57AM

I love my spouse but keeping each other awake at night does not help our relationship in any way. I “put her to bed” in the evening and it’s a special evening ritual that we share. Read more

9/20/19 6:41AM

Every industry needs to stepup and try to curb their emissions but airlines are different in the sense that they get a financial benefit for being efficient. Lower fuel burn means lower emissions but also lower fuel spending. Read more

9/04/19 5:17AM

you waited 30 minutes for these jerks to vacate a spot? For some reason this is super upsetting to me... Read more

9/03/19 9:26AM

And when Koenigsegg reaches 500km/h in two months, Bugatti will be like:”Sure, we could easily beat that, but it’s not our thing anymore... we’re focusing on other areas now...”

7/31/19 7:25AM

Thank you for using the word “sybaritic” so well; it is a wonderful word that needs to be reinstated (too many people give it a negative connotation) and it could become a good replacement for words like “holistic”. Read more

7/24/19 8:58AM

This is how it begins. Monthly fees for a service you might like, then in a few years, they’ll sell you a car with lockable options, and in twenty years you’ll have to recharge your airbag credit monthly

7/22/19 8:13AM

I worked in aerospace on older military toys with very pricey magnesium wheels which, by contract have to perform a set number of cycles before getting scrapped. Read more

7/22/19 4:39AM

Cast magnesium parts are incredibly difficult to service or refurbish (at least the kind my company work with): Read more

7/22/19 4:15AM

Without getting into politics, I’d like to give you +238900 points for featuring my man GSH!

7/18/19 4:07AM

If the FDA, who is really quite a permissive and lax institution for us Yurpeans, says the product is bad, then it must really be bad.

7/04/19 4:22AM

Lane splitting in Paris has turned two-wheel riders into the most entitled assholes on the road here. Read more