No, but that sounds DELICIOUS. Read more

Oh, no, Icehouse is okay! It's Freehouse that's a Blue Place restaurant. But Icehouse, with their yummy yummy ginger beer, seems to be okay, as far as I know. :) Read more

I've been wanting to try Public Kitchen out! Glad to hear it's good. I have not been to FACES before—I've never even heard of it! Read more

Oh, darn. I guess I'm going to have to go eat more yummy food at places like Icehouse or getting drinks at Marvel instead. Or what about MOAR LOBSTER ROLLS? Sad for me, right? Read more

I am sad about these. I've never been to a Blue Plate restaurant, but plenty of Parasole ones. Some are overhyped (coughCHINOLATINOcough), but I've always been pleased with Muffuletta and usually Salut. Bah. Read more

When in doubt, I always end up buying this:

I agree with basically all of this. Reuben's are my favorite, and if I ever think, "Hmmm, maybe I'll order XX sandwich instead of a reuben..." I am usually super disappointed. WHY DIDN'T I JUST ORDER THE DELICIOUS PERFECTION THAT IS A REUBEN? Read more

Damn. I guess it's a good thing I like lots of other kinds of jelly beans. Read more

It's terrifying how quickly they found this article. Read more

Here is the bill, if people would like to read it. Looks like even if a woman signs an informed consent form, she can STILL sue 10 years later, especially if that informed consent form did not cover the type of "injuries" she is seeking damages for (essentially, the "emotional distress/shame" part of this). This is Read more


Oh my God. Tears. Gross, gross, I-am-also-sick-and-stuffed-up-tears. Such a wonderful story! Read more

So much LOL at "wizard college." It's all I see when I try to read the rest of it. I don't know why the phrase is hilarious, but it is. I think it might be reminding of me of epically bad HP fanfic. Read more

My niece has this, and I built it. Pain in the butt, like all IKEA stuff, of course, but generally a good little kitchen. My brother built her extra storage cabinets for her dishes and food. It's actually a pretty nice, sturdy thing. Read more

This is stupid and pedantic, but the first quote is from the St. Paul Pioneer Press, though their URL is indeed I don't know why it bothers me, except that it makes it look as though the entire populace of the Twin Cities got together and wrote that statement. Read more

Agreed. I grew up near both cities, and they are definitely different. I suppose it has to be because of the media availability in the area, but it's very strange. Waterloo/Cedar Falls or Cedar Rapids/Marion/Hiawatha. C'mon, polling group. Read more

I guess I didn't consider this a surprise? Even the commentators on the event said that it was likely Wagner would still end up going to the Olympics, considering her body of work and that her performance at Worlds got the U.S. 3 spots in the Olympics. Also, not unheard of at all for some athletes to get the nod over Read more

These and those damn Visa commercials. EVERY TIME. *sobs* Read more

I admit it. I like a lot of Train songs. I very much prefer their first two albums, but this new stuff is certainly catchy and gets them on Top 40 stations more often. I think a lot of the non-singles are much better than the songs they release on the radio. Train is schmaltzy and radio-ready and offensively Read more