This is devious and spectacular. I just transferred my old competitive team over with pokebank, but this looks so fun to try out. I do need to get some high IV dittos for breeding though. Read more

I'm entirely bummed to realize that Blue Plate has Groveland tap and Highland grill. And I didn't know Parasole has Salut. Read more

Nooo I don't want to lose Salut! I'd rather complain vocally to the owners than stop going there—that'll just screw over the local staff, not the owners. Read more

Oh no, Muffuletta is a Parasole restaurant? I'm on my way to MSP in the morning for a week for work. We tend to go to Muffuletta a lot because it's just a few blocks from where we are working. Read more

I went to Freehouse for the first time last month and loved it. I'm sorry to hear that the owners treating their employees this way. Read more

Like you I've never been to a Blue Plate but I am pretty disappointed about Parasole (while I completely agree Chino Latino is way overhyped) I dig Burger Jones, Prohibition and Manny's... Looks like I'll be eating all my meals at Lotus To Go Go and Loring Kitchen... Read more

Damn you, Longfellow Grill and your delicious Blackberry Poblano Margaritas. Read more

Totally. I get that Minneapolis is a little bit hipper (at least in its' own eyes), but I'm still kinda confused why. There are so many great places to eat and just hang out in Saint Paul, and our parking is free after 5 - plenty of it if you know where to look and don't mind walking a block or two. Read more

I actually have yet to eat at any of those, so I'm not losing out I think. Salut is nice, but you can get a lot of what they serve at other places, so not a huge loss. Read more

Yeah, not really a "shock-collar" at all. It's actually a really clever application for the new wave of nerve stimulation technology that's currently being used very successfully for pain management in complex cases. Whether it will work or not, who knows, but it certainly isn't anything like a shock-collar in Read more

They don't have typical sensory systems, they just have a tracker that goes off anytime a woman speaks. Read more

Thank you for this. When Amy Winehouse died I was FLOORED. I wanted her to get well so much. I met her once, (briefly in the loo at a bar in Camden) but I didn't know her. I understand that her choices were not ideal, I would have probably made similar ones if I had the keys to the sweetshop at her age. Ha, even at Read more

Your comment is full of sense and balance. You win the internet today. Read more

Very well written. Probably one of the best comments on this situation I have seen/heard. Thank you. Read more

His name has come out: Roger Rodas, Walker's financial adviser and business partner (if you search his name, you'll find plenty of mentions). Read more

I wish I could star this many, many times. This is spot on. Read more

Look at you being all reasonable. If only other people could follow suit.
Read more

Indeed. A human being died, who was by all accounts a good man with many people who loved him, including a daughter. It's ok to be sad that someone died, even if it's someone you only know through their movies. Read more