Floppy Moppet is gone.
Apr 6

I am fortunate that I have been working from home for several years. However, I now have my 5 yo home with me until potentially September, when school may restart. So now I am faced with trying to work, and school a 5 yo boy who only likes recess and will throw a 20 minute tantrum over writing a single sentence. Read more

Apr 6

It seems like pointless snark, but then again, that seems to be Joan’s thing.  I don’t wish anybody unemployment in these times, but I kinda wish Joan would find a job somewhere else!  Where she could use exclamation points all the time!  And shit on people for no reason!

Apr 6

This morning, the scale told me that I’ve gained 10 pounds over the past month. I am soooo disappointed with myself.

Apr 3

Hi! Totally DBag unrelated...Does anyone watch “Better Things” on FX? I mention it because I love it, am now watching last night’s episode (S4/E6) and see Jezebel FAVORITE Randy Rainbow is in a guest role as one of Sam’s gay friends from NOLA whom she visits for his wedding. Read more

Mar 18

I’ve only been wfh for 2 days and I feel like I’m losing my mind.  Apparently I’m an extrovert and being holed up in my house with my roommates being bombarded with terrible news doesn’t cut it.  Also I miss my mom.

Mar 17

Fine with me. I’m tired of every place looking like an airport lounge/upscale rehab/psychiatric facility or hotel suite. Or that depressing. tech-y “ Very Masculine Bro Style”, a la Ray Donovan.
I’ve lived in my house for 42 years. It’s full of paintings and fabrics and carpets and wonderful colors and stuff we have Read more

Mar 17

Fuck Tom Brady, his wife and the Patriots. While you are there, fuck MA also

Mar 17

I feel like normally this would be the End of the World for New Englanders, but I am in New England right now and most people are more concerned about the End of the World.

Mar 16

As a Californian with a 7 day old baby and an 82 year old father with lung issues...GOOD. 

Mar 10

There were several damning parts of this email dump that stood out to me, and the most satisfying one was the missive from his own brother, which I’ve included below (quoted from this Vulture article), emphasis mine. Read more

Mar 6

Saw this last night and broke down realllll quick. I had my cancer diagnosis a few months before Alex, so I have been there with him the whole time. The way he describes the sudden depression with a side of trying to pull it together for everyone around you is so spot on I felt exposed. He really is a treasure to the Read more

Mar 5

Or they make marriage sound like what it is - HARD and dependent on communication and willingness to listen to each other and work on differences.

Feb 25

I cried steadily throughout that episode but even more so when she appeared! What a wonderful cameo. 

Feb 25

Georgina Chapman had consensual sex with Harvey Weinstein, got her fashion line funded, pretended she knew nothing about his criminal behavior, and walked away with millions. Annabella Sciorra doesn’t have a career anymore. Who gives a fuck who Chapman is dating? She clearly has no issue banging sexual predators so Read more

Feb 25

Mary’s cameo was the best moment of “The Good Place" finale.

Feb 24

This dirtbag is kind of a bummer. The only pick me up is knowing Dina Lohan loves the Page Six reporter. Good vibes.

Jan 30

My son works 50+ hours a week in a salaried position. His employer does not offer health insurance coverage because it’s cheaper for them to just pay the penalties. Read more