He has several cars from the ear of open flame ignition, and several steam cars with open boilers, so it could be a failed line or fitting upwards of 110 years old. Read more

I’ve been using a roasting pan and a tall rack for most of my cooking life. I also stuff the heck out of my turkey and truss the legs. I also shove herbed butter under the skin of the breast and then cover said breast for most of the roasting time with a big square of foil to retard the roasting temp as well as Read more

Get rid of the 2,000 lb boulder? Sure, I’ll get right on that. Read more

That’s the best kind of prank really.  Nothing gets destroyed, no one is humiliated, no one has their day ruined.  Just a bunch of gnomes gentrifying your hedge.
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No, for keeping your house from burning down.

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While it sounds good in theory, it utterly fails when you learn that most people are nasty, nasty slobs who break things all the time. Read more

The first thing to know is that some trees tend to rot more easily than others; specifically, softwood tree species like oak, Read more

A gallon of water weighs 8lbs.  I always try to remember that when doing anything that requires the storage, transportation, or other handling of water/other liquids.   Read more

MSG would go a long way to offset the saltiness I feel about clickthrough slideshows.   Read more

My fridge has a beverage drawer that seems to only exist to make soda cans explode. Read more

“Lice” is plural, “louse” is singular. Read more

I’m not necessarily against tax increases in MD, but it does seem like the taxes never end up paying for what they’re supposed to fund. 10 to 1 the taxes go into the general fund. Read more

I seriously don’t get the prices on used Toyota trucks. It’s not like new ones are in short supply, or the older ones are better in any way. Completely baffles me. I will cheerfully pay 15% more to not have someone else’s farts in my seats. Read more

I like how the photographer posed that Great Dane next to it to show scale  Read more

Has he tried Google Earth? I’m pretty sure these are big enough to see from space. Read more

If New York doesn’t meet its renewable energy goals over the next few years, some billionaires might be to blame. Read more

That’s old hat where I live. The new thing? Neon. It’s all over the place now, it’s like a time machine has kicked in and I’m back into the 90s. Read more

Almost every gas station I’ve ever been to smells like it has pure hobo piss in those squeegee buckets. I won’t even use them on the outside of my car let alone the inside. I can’t imagine how awful your car must smell. Read more

Yeah, I’m amazed they took such a simple process as hot water and newspapers (or even Windex and paper towels) and turned it into this convoluted, multi-step process requiring 9 items, and up to 11 steps. Let’s ban plastic straws to avoid landfill waste, but to clean your windshield you need to buy nitrile gloves, Read more

Hot water and crumpled newspaper. Getting windshields squeaky clean, streak free, since the 40's. Read more