Get yourself some Sennheiser over the ear headphones! They make ones that charge on a cradle that plugs into your tv/receiver and uses a radio signal to tune into the TV’s sound. We never wake the kids and can hear everything so clearly in every show. Even my 5 year old uses them during our baby’s naps now. Best Read more

I watched the ad before I got to the part about the Reynolds narration and guffawed when I heard his voice. Go all in or go home; he’s the perfect snarky voice over to have at this point in time. Well done. Read more

Yup same. Got the first shot in March as soon as I could. I wasn't chancing dying and leaving my first born motherless. Baby #2 is totally healthy and doing fine in my lap as we speak! Read more

Along the Rankin/Bass line, The Last Unicorn had so many horror moments. Top 3 being the three-boobed harpy murdering Mommy Fortuna, the red bull of course, and that damned talking skeleton when his eyes go red. Nightmares for weeks! Read more

Came here to say this. Robat Battinbat is wearing the shit outta that cowl, he looks so expressive and intense, and also hot as hell to boot. Read more

As a former Springfield and VCU art school attendee, this post gave me all the nostalgia. (Lol we prolly know each other in real life) I had a high school friend/acquaintance obsessed with GWAR! Read more

Someone ripped Lil Uzi Vert’s right out of his head when he stage-dived into the crowd at a concert in July.” Read more

Yes! I commented above that not only did she do it "first" (26 years ago), but it is far superior to the version used in the movie. Read more

While watching that scene I was wishing they had used the Tori Amos version, which she recorded almost the same year as the original Nirvana recording itself. It’s outstanding, and I always think of her doing this technique way before this trailer trend we see now. Read more

Kids will find all kinds of ways to be weird. I know, I was one in high school. That being said, I do not condone the assault aspects such as biting or scratching. Wtf. If it were me in class with some goober trying to claw at me, I’d just start bringing a spray bottle to class and nail ‘em right between the eyes. Read more

Omg came here to post this! Cookie crisp was fucking delicious, tasted like real cookies and one day in my late 20s, I decided to buy a box on a whim and wondered why they tasted so artificial. I ran into a neighbor’s kid later and asked her why they tasted weird and even her 12 year old self had noticed a change, so Read more

This. I’ve never thought of the negative space “hip dips” before, I’ve only ever been obsessed with minimizing my hip “chunks,” the chunks of fat sitting on my gluteus medium. I have fat there in spades so I always look like I have a chonky square ass. So it’s wide sided undies for me to try to tamp those fuckers down Read more

I hope you still get decent service at Fajita Roundup. I’ll bet the pandemic finally showed Lindsey Buckingham that he really didn’t need that job after all, and could finally take the time to really perfect his guitar playing. Read more

...Jody Thompson claimed the infamous brand’s “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle “exploded and emitted huge flames, with bits flying everywhere. Read more

The final Twilight movie. A couple girls at work had read the books and got a whole big group of us going to see the films every time one of them came out. We would all get hammered before and hate watch them and it was so fun to laugh at the cheese happening on screen. Read more

I dunno, I thought the cursive was pretty easy to read, but I am also an Old™️. Read more

It's like his left arm doesn't pump enough and the right arm over compensates by doing a flappy-twirl-crank. Wanker.
Read more

I mean someone needs to set this video to the Bennie Hill music. Read more

Exactly. If high school was the best time in your life, you’re doing adulthood wrong. Read more