Hypocritical right wing asshole found to be hypocritical .... again. Read more

Just more proof that we have very corrupt judges sitting on the Supreme Court. Sad to think this is fairly minor compared to Clarence Thomas who I’m sure was well aware of the fact that his wife was involved in a treasonous insurrection. Not only was he aware I bet he helped. Read more

I remember taking music industry courses in college, and my professor telling us how Hootie and the Blowfish were arguably the most successful new band of all time. Everyone laughed, of course, because who cares about Hootie and the Blowfish? But when he told us the story of how the band was offered a ginormous Read more

The RIAA would love for you to use their formula but also, fuck them and their creative accounting. Read more

Did you know that people, in this case, women, can make their own decisions without justification? Did you also know that sometimes people change with age in what they want and feel? Happy to educate you! Read more

Probably pissed that his son-in-law’s dad is richer than him though. Read more

At one time I thought, maybe Tiff was okay.  But actually, fuck this whole family.  Not a single one of them is a decent human being.   Read more

The editor here is a stack of office supplies with some googly eyes on it. Read more

Biden vetoes, pure & simple. Overriding a veto requires a 2/3 majority in both the House & Senate. With Congress almost literally split down the middle, there’s absolutely no way it there’s enough votes for a veto override that would force a national abortion ban through. And last night made it pretty clear that Read more

Hindsight and all. When her and Brad divorced, him and Angelina immediately posed for a magazine spread portraying them as the nuclear family, kids and all. When questioned, Aniston simply replied “he has a sensitivity chip missing”.

Oh my god, this just infuriates me and saddens me so much for her. Infertility is one of the worst things I’ve ever been through. What comes so easily for others and is supposed to be one of the most natural things in the world just continues to be out of reach for the infertile among us. This just goes to show that Read more

That was my thought too. “Who the hell is this Claudia Salinas? Fuck her!” Read more

Michigan showed UP yesterday. Proud of the Mitten. Read more

It’s sad that she even felt the need to explain this deeply personal part of her life, but I always suspected we were going to hound it out of her at some point. At least she did it on her own time, but fuck, I can’t imagine how painful this experience was for her. Read more

all the “friends” and “assistants" that helped him trap women need to pay. Read more

The red wave guy? I'd hope he's banned by now. Or crying into his MyPillow. Read more

Well, let’s look at Herschel Walker. There’s a guy who’s clearly suffered a bunch of genuine irreversible brain damage via CTE (or maybe he was just always a moron) and he’s perfectly acceptable to the GOP.  Read more

Perhaps more disturbingly, Oz, a medical doctor, spent the final weeks and months of the campaign essentially tormenting Fetterman for having suffered a stroke. Oz ran one ad in August, for example, with a cut-animation version of Fetterman’s head cracked open and his supposedly crazy policies and thoughts dumping out Read more

Yes! I’m 35 and have had a stroke (though no one can really tell me exactly when). I may sometimes forget a name, but so far I’ve been able to remember to be a decent fucking human being. I also don’t lie for personal gain, mislead people with crazy conspiracy theories, or think that 6 week old embryos look like kids Read more

The truth is that even if--and this was not the case--Fetterman had sustained permanent cognitive damage from his stroke, that wouldn’t have necessarily made him unfit for Senate. Most of them don’t seem like there’s a whole lot going on up there. Read more