fighting polish, white sox rememberer
Aug 23 2019
301 :)

Aug 2 2019

[Rubs hands together] Aw yeah, I’ve been looking forward to 2019's Why Your Executive Team Sucks series.

Oct 8 2018

bubble bath is the undisputed champ, but "fux with the big dogs" is a worthy contender.

Oct 5 2018

Oh, and dressing up as Missy (with my BF as Andrew) for Halloween last year remains one of my favorite Halloween costumes: Read more

Oct 2 2018

This explains the depletion of Thailand’s cocaine supply in the late 80's.

Oct 2 2018

I was working for a U.S. intelligence agency in the 80s (never mind which one), and had to infiltrate a small Eastern European country for reasons I’d rather not go into for the sake of anonymity. Well, some terrorists in a small village found out and chased me all around—I had been trained in an unorthodox fighting Read more

Oct 2 2018

I tapped out at the opening head shimmy, the horror!

Oct 2 2018

Why dows guys try to hurt me??

Oct 1 2018

“Jaguars Junction” is an independent source of football analysis unaffiliated with any professional sports franchise.

Sep 18 2018


Sep 13 2018

Laura, you’re like, really going all-in on being the centrepiece of the next Dead Letters eh? Trump, Bills fans and Portnoy in one week? Yikes.

Sep 9 2018

The whole series I kept thinking what a psycho monster Amma is and that she was up to some shit. She’s fully presented as a monster, but I kept trying to write it off by saying she’s 13, she lives in a small boring town, her mother is poisoning her. The finale was a reminder to not write off warning signs or excuse Read more

Aug 29 2018

It was indeed an amazing transition between CJ2K and CJ-point-2K.

Aug 28 2018

i had season tickets for the first 15 years they were here, and i could not win that bet today.

Aug 28 2018

Alan reminds me a lot of my dad, what with his extensive and expensive music collection, so now I gotta side-eye my dad.