You see “abandoned car vending machine”, I see “new, upscale studio lofts with panoramic windows”

This is Denver, after all.   Read more

And they’re still going to vote the same way. Read more

1: Do asshole thing and show it for all to see.
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Counter-counterpoint- Your Odyssey’s already failing transmission gives up and leaves you stranded/dead. Read more

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) were deleted. Read more

The #1 cause of fuel pumps being slow is that I’m already late to wherever I’m heading. Read more

Oh, they know EXACTLY what it stands for. Read more

I know it’s hip and cool and edgy to blame the Raiders for this, but I fail to see how they’re in the wrong. This ALL is 100% in Antonio Clown’s hands.  Read more

Nah, character concerns means that he’ll be in Cincinnati by Monday. Read more

So last year NFL revenues were about 16 billion dollars, of which players get a little less than half, call it 8 billion. 53 NFL players x 32 teams x $60k each = $102 million, for all the players combined. A reduction in pay of 99%.  Read more

Teams cut players two weeks before the season. Why should it be a one-way street?
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Wow, he’s really lucky, because, while they take drug offenses super-seriously in New Hampshire, they recently repealed the death penalty. Not only that, but hanging was still on the books in NH as one of the possible means of execution, until earlier this year! So, he won’t have to worry about mobs of people Read more

The last thing the NFL needs is more teams. Read more

Sure, that Camaro looks like something I drew in high school, but what’s insanely worse are the COMPLETELY and TOTALLY illegible LCD screens on so many pumps. I’m not talking color displays, I mean the monochrome liquid crystal screens that resemble a 1980s calculator with a failing battery. WT actual F? I’m Read more

Let me offer the perspective of someone who went there two years ago, about a week after the first article was published, in the effort to buy his grey 16v scirocco:

I called him wednesday that week to ask if he still had it. he said he did. we negotiated a price of $800 and i told him I would be there between 1-2pm on Read more

How do you get that? He looks chill as hell Read more

Honestly that’s Ferrari’s problem, not the government’s. If your customers hate the way front plates look on your cars, then you need to style your cars differently. That front clip has plenty of available blank space. Read more

People whining about the aesthetics of a front plate is honestly the most pathetic thing I have ever seen an adult do.

Like the marquee says; Life is full of moments. Read more